Atlantic City Boardwalk Empire: Charles “Lucky” Luciano fourth.

At the heart of this problem lies power issues and control. By utilizing electronic surveillance technology and electronic targeted assaults one can effectively operate in secret and carry out acts of violence without getting caught.

I went to the Trenton Free Public library for the first time since the pandemic locked civilians down. After I picked up the book, as I approached my car, I was electronically targeted and assaulted. Who is the capo? (04/20/2021)

Part of the power of surveillance is that people whose personal data are collected or observed may not know when or if they are being watched. This is how life in a modern capitalist economy is becoming known and lived through experience where information processing is used to control and coordinate citizen’s access to the goods and services that define life. It is also being…

Mass communication in the post-World War II era allowed for communication research and with it the evolving and advancing development of new technologically advancing ways with which humans began to mass communicate with each other. This evolution ultimately affected United States’ citizens on various levels. Dissemination of information reaching greater distances post-World War II era has evolved today into new models of “communication” being utilized even without the spoken word in what has now become known as “a surveillance state.” This level of communication encompasses a new term called cyberspace and with this new development of spatial relationships a new…

ON PROJECTION: “Edward Glover (1936) talked about the role of projection in war. The dangers of being human, Glover said, lay not in our primitive instincts, which we share with other animals, but in our struggles to control those instincts . . . From the beginning of an awareness of the object world, love and hate, desire and murderous revenge struggle in the primitive and concrete mind of the infant, and this struggle, in one way or another, continues throughout life (Holmes, 2013).”

I watched “Secrets of a Psychopath” on the AMC Channel the other night. It was a three-part…

The phenomenon of gang stalking, electronic targeting, and electronic targeted bodily assaults belong to the same classification of the phenomenon as any other form of antisocial criminological phenomenon; crime.

OPENING QUOTE: “To feel that we have an identity, we must know (or at least feel that we know) what is and was “real”; we must trust at least some of our memories if not most of them and be able to set them apart from our conscious fantasies. Yet it is characteristic of the victims of soul murder that they have lost the ability to make these differentiations. Erasing history…

Artwork: Maelstrom, surrealism, oil on canvas. Work created by the author.

This weekend I took advantage of a seven-day free trial of STARZ and finally watched a movie I always wanted to see but never had the time, Girl Interrupted. The main character, Suzanne Kaysen, portrayed by Winnona Ryder in the movie was facing a major change and a decision-making process. She graduated high school and was facing a new life ahead of her. She begins to experience symptoms of mental illness and she makes a suicide attempt by trying to down an entire bottle of aspirin with an entire bottle of vodka to make the symptoms “stop.”

“Religious Hope.” Surrealism. Artwork created by the author to help illustrate the abstract pain involved in suffering from electronic targeted assaults to the body and mind. Some people have said this artwork similarly illustrates what depression may feel like.

“Of man’s first disobedience, and the fruit

Of that forbidden tree, whose mortal taste

Brought death into the world, and all our woe,

With loss of Eden, till one greater man

Restore us, and regain the blissful seat….”

~John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book I

The symbolic verse at the poisoned tree may be analyzed in two different ways that demonstrate the difference in how men and women traditionally utilize violence.

One, castration. And begs the question, “What poisoned the tree?” This is symbolic of Freud’s Oedipus in the denial and castration of the little boy/girl from sexually possessing their respective…

Content Categories in the Analysis of Gang Stalking Victims

The categories arrived at fall into six (6) distinct groups:

i) Those that involve an invasive attack on the subject’s body.

Being remotely controlled/mind control (7); physical ailments as a direct result of gang stalking (10); voice-to-skull transmission (18); and control and surveillance devices implanted into the body (20).

ii) Those involving an exterior attack on the person of the subject or their senses.

Physical, interference, intimidation, and harassment (3); targeted by noise (6); and physical attacks (21).

iii) Physical interference with the individual’s personal environment or possessions.

Physical surveillance/being followed…

“Between gods and men, territories are set up. At least in the no-man’s land of the heights of heaven, the depths of hell, and inside the boundary traced by the oceans. Dimensions installed by a cosmogonic trilogy that leaves each term in its generic place. There remains the earth ancestress, a fourth term, that was once the most fertile, that has been progressively buried and forgotten beneath the architectonic of patriarchal sovereignty. And this murder erupts in the form of ambivalences that have constantly to be solved and hierarchized, in twinned pairs of more or less good doubles.”

― Luce…

Napoleon accepting the surrender of Madrid during the Peninsular War

How gang stalking and electronic targeted assaults/torture can be applied to the art of guerrilla warfare

If asked how to cope with a great host of the enemy in orderly array and on the point of marching to the attack, I should say: “Begin by seizing something which your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will.” ~Sun Tzu, The Art of War

My thesis is that domestic violence (DM) and intimate partner violence (IPV) when combined with gang stalking and electronic targeted assaults/torture act like a form of guerilla warfare. …

“Fragmentation” by Konrad Biro (Hungary) 2017

“From the beginning, the destructive impulse is turned against the object and is first expressed in phantasied oral-sadistic attacks on the mother’s breast, which soon develop into onslaughts on her body by all sadistic means. The persecutory fears arising from the infant’s oral-sadistic impulses to rob the mother’s body of its good contents, and from the anal-sadistic impulses to put this excrement into her (including the desire to enter her body in order to control her from within) are of great importance for the development of paranoia and schizophrenia (Klein, 1946, p. 2).”

In her 1946 piece, under the subtitle…

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