A Baker Institute Policy Briefing Regarding Advancing Neuroweapons And The Problem With Cloaked Hidden Agendas

Karen Barna
3 min readMay 6, 2024


Wireless electromagnetic frequency utilized for communication and navigation technologies.

In 2013 U. S. Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Project was launched. It was presented to the public with having the potential to produce research with vast beneficial health implications. However, much of the funding went through the Department of Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) which is a military organization. DARPA also helped to create the World Wide Web of the Internet and played a significant role in the development of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. “When science and military are mixed through dual-use research, the priorities of the latter often dominate the trajectory of the former (1).” Dual use technologies are technologies humans use every day such as communication technologies and navigation technologies. These technologies can become weaponized against human populations and pose the potential to become detrimental to the health and welfare of humans. For this reason fair and unbiased oversight is mandatory in safeguarding the potential of vast and unnecessary harm to human populations.

After a major crisis such as the pandemic, trends and characteristics that were present before are revealed, amplified, and dampened. The economic crisis following the pandemic and the wars with Ukraine /Russia and Hamas/Isreal have made it mandatory for the financial need in advancing new markets. This means that economic security is a priority for most Western nations. What this ultimately means is a brain science-inspired industry with an industrial strategy offers one of the best economic boosts to an economy by reducing the burden of brain and mental disorders while creating resilience and stimulating creativity and entrepreneurship. This “industrial strategy” encompasses the military industrial complex because they fund most of it through DARPA.

An under-appreciate area of economic competition is the “mobilization of intellectual resources and a nation’s pool on brain capital.” We have seen this play out when key figures of U. S. intelligence officials, who performed extremely well in cases against Russia, were target with a high powered acoustic weapon (directed energy weapon) in Cuba and China.

A new market for advancing “brain capital” has opened up, and too with it, the market for protecting brain capital. The military carries out experiments with pulsed energy weapons. This data goes to fuel and support future advances in weaponry. So too, with brain capital experiments using dual-use technology such as cellular signals, navigation systems, and Wi-Fi.

But, individuals’ cognitive, social, emotional brain resources help build stronger economies and afford individual autonomy. Neuroweapons encompass biological agents, chemical agents, and directed energy weapons that target the brain and central nervous system of enemy combatants. It has been theorized neuroweapons can disrupt everything from individual human body cells, to whole societies as well as the geopolitical landscape. Therfore it seems only prudent the implementation of a ‘Neuroshield’ be put in place in U. S. society. From protective policies to protecting and detecting the use of these weapons in the airspace of human populations.

As of late, my personal experience with targeted wireless electromagnetic frequency assaults have made me feel like I am at war with an unknown perpetrator. At the heart of all my readings on malignant and malevolent psychopathy and the paranoid schizoid personality and its reproduction of evil, I have discovered it is the same personality constellation found at the heart of every war. Man’s grandest repetition drive and his grandest failure in finding its cure: War is his legacy and the proliferation of his malevolence., “Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.”


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