A Brief Story of Clairsentience

Extra sensory perception is the ability to perceive something through the mind rather than through the five senses. One of the nine extra sensory perceptions is clairsentience.

Here is something to think about regarding the notion of abstract cognition versus what we perceive in concrete reality:

“As a child I had from time to time had experiences with feeling a presence in an empty room. It felt like there was a physical presence of someone being there but, in fact, no physical body was present in the room. Now, consider the experience of the “feeling” that some one is watching you. We have all experienced that feeling at one time or another in our lives. The moment you can actually feel a set of eyes actually watching you, but you turn around and see no one. No one seems to be starring at you or in the room with you during these moments when you are alone. Now consider clandestine surveillance video cameras. As a woman, I have walked into retail stores' dressing rooms to try on clothes and felt like I was being watched by someone. In reality the retail store had close circuit video recording peoples activity to protect themselves against shop lifters. Possibly even two way mirrors in the dressing room to further protect their interest unbeknownst to many woman. The ability to perceive the emotional state of another as a “presence in the room” is actually an abstract cognitive state of consciousness rooted in the person’s unseen reality.”

So I have to say, I am so fed up with the psychiatric community with their “schizophrenic diagnoses”. I happen to be a targeted individual living with a history of inflicted domestic violence and abuse wonder where the electronic harassment is coming from and wondering why my clairsentience is being treated like my “evolutionary warning system has gone awry” when it was never faulty to begin with BUT IS NOW!!! To pretend there aren’t psychopathic personalities and criminal stalkers utilizing electronic harassment against innocent people is a gross miscarriage of justice.

As if criminal cases of individuals breaking into young girls homes have never been reported. Criminals placing hi-tech audio surveillance and video surveillance for the purpose of “collection”, collection of data that can be sold. Criminal activity such as this has been reported to the news media and has been reported as sometimes happening in hotel rooms. Naked video footage sold to the highest bidder. What of other forms of “data” sometimes called “intelligence”? If a person hasn’t the right to collect it legally through online service agreements? In what ways could it be stolen?

But just to be agreeable, YES! That must be it! {wink, wink} My “evolutionary warning system” has gone amuck! It is now gone awry when, originally, it really hadn’t. It’s now “on the fritz” because someone took possession of it through clandestine electronic harassment. That reminds me where is Fritz anyway? If you find him, might find the person responsible for my suffering.

The experience I have endured possess the potential to severly negatively impact court trials and jury trials by compromising a person’s intellectual integrity without a trace of evidence. When we talk about mafia and gang mentality — obstruction of justice and jury tampering — it mirrors the phantasmagorical old form of horror theatre. In this form of theatre lanterns project shadows of images the theatre operators want their audience to see. Like taking control over someone’s body through electronic harassment and electronic torture.

Remember it was physicians and scientists who gave us things like cyanide gas during World War I and other deadly biological agents. Electronic torture is part of THE LESSER TRADITIONS OF SPECIALIZED TORTURE which has been administered by the military at Guantanamo Bay Cuba to its inmates with physician oversight.

(*) Author originally published an article October 14, 2018 over Proclivities Principle Wisdom on WordPress.com on the same topic.





Victim of gang stalking & electronic torture. I write about feminism and gender difference. Email: TheSpeculumOfTheOther@yahoo.com

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Karen Barna

Karen Barna

Victim of gang stalking & electronic torture. I write about feminism and gender difference. Email: TheSpeculumOfTheOther@yahoo.com

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