An Open Letter To The Mental Health Care Industry

“Go Fuck Yourself!”

You cannot manipulate a person with electronics and then claim they have a personality disorder because they seem to have become disagreeable and neurotic! Yet, that is what the mental health care industry is doing to psychiatric patients. They are manipulating a small portion of the public at large with invisible technology known as electromagnetic frequency in wireless communication.

I have hung up on my psychiatrist (who happens to be a non-American immigrant from India who claims I have to take responsibility for “my behavior”) and I’m not the one who wants to reign over a population with electromagnetic domination like some delusional imaginary superhero. So I refused the phone calls from Oaks Integrated Behavioral Health, yet they do not stop harassing me with phone calls. At what point do you not get the message I’m not interested in their care nor their services?

Mother, Daughter, Student, Graduate, Lover of Books, Reader of Philosophy, Interested in Psychoanalysis, Criminology, Sexual Deviance, Social Justice&Law