OfAnalyzing The Targeting Of My Early Morning Exercise Routine Along With Exposing The Disguise Of The Pregenital Ego To Conceal Anal-Sadistic Character Traits

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Hans Christian Andersen's "The Nightingale". Analysis borrowed from Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel Creativity and Perversions.

“I have proposed the following guideline: Those who have not been able to project their Ego Ideal onto their father and his penis and, who subsequently have gaps in their identifications, will feel the necessity, for obvious narcissist motives, to grant to themselves their missing identity by different means, creation being one among others.” ~Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel, Creativity and Perversions, pg. 69–70

I am taking a real risk when I decide to publish writings because every time I have published over Medium, at least the last three times, I have been electronically and wirelessly attacked for speaking up, usually the next day. Or so it seems. But I uncovered a writing of mine regarding falsehoods in psychoanalysis and it is this topic I want to write about today.

There is something called “The Marilyn Monroe Effect”. The Marilyn Monroe Effect is the falsehood of an image where the image becomes a symbol or prop void of any associations with Truth. Aesthetic beauty is closely associated with the analysis of the Hans Christian Andersen fable I will be discussing in a moment. But for Marilyn Monroe it was the veil or partition that TV and movies provided in obscuring her true personality. Monroe symbolized sex and male desire as her media personification, but this wasn’t her Truth. Her iconic status eclipsed reality with falsehood. At the end of the day there is a vital psychological need for maintenance of self-esteem. False values and the human proclivity for the compulsion to idealize aesthetics is used to disguise the pregenital ego in order to conceal it’s anal character. Sadly, with falsehood, suicide is sometimes the outcome as was the case with Marilyn Monroe, Jerzy Kosinski, and even Andrew Cunanan, the serial killer who killed Gianni Versace. Jerzy Kosinski and Andrew Cunanan entertained false stories (falsehoods) about themselves and what family they came from in what is known in psychology as “Family Romance Fantasies". But I am getting a little off track here, although interesting to explore.

In literature there is a fable written by Hans Christian Andersen on 'The Nightingale’. This particular story has been analyzed for its psychoanalytic clues regarding falsehoods. But the story is basically a tale about a nightingale and its beautiful song. In the story there are two nightingales; one is a real living bird, and the second is a mechanical object (prop) supposed to look like the real one, but is covered all over with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. As soon as the artificial one was wound up, it would sing just like the real one, and could move its tail which sparkled with silver and gold. It could sing thirty times over the same tune at a tempo the real nightingale could not sustain. The real nightingale, which was plain, grey, with ordinary looking feathers, was first given the prestige of the seat of honor closest to the Emperor. It lived in a cage but was allowed to come and go as it pleased. The day the artificial nightingale arrived at the Palace, the real nightingale was banished from the Empire and no one noticed when the real one flew back to its woodland home. The mechanical bird was a gift from the Emperor of Japan to the Emperor of China. Everyone was captured by the splendor and the aesthetic beauty of the mechanical bird for it was so astonishing to behold.

Five years went by and the Emperor became severely ill. Death was close at hand. He implored the artificial nightingale to sing but the bird remained silent. There was no one there to wind it up. However, the real nightingale suddenly returned and through the open window its song floated through, answering the call of the Emperor. The bird had flown back to sing him the song of Hope, and Death, then, suddenly withdrew. The Emperor was then able to get up, he felt better and was able to dressed himself.

Aesthetic beauty can become a falsehood when we place too much value on it. Unless a person is able to identify with intangible traits like kindness, compassion, forgiveness, love, charity, empathy, intelligence and academic achievement, those qualities that give a person a sense of pride and reward, they may be forever doomed to live a life of falsehood. This may generate feelings of emptiness and separation. This is not to be confused with the emptiness, loneliness, and separation that becomes a symptom of torture and abuse through wireless electronic assaults and torture. Although falsehoods are indeed created by inequality and abuse. Sadly, the falsehood placed within certain beliefs can lead to suicide, and for some individuals, murder. What I am talking about here is part of perversions and the anal-sadistic universe.

When Freud wrote, he wrote from the perspective of the little boy identifying with his father’s penis. But this perspective is not unique to little boys. Little girls can reject maternal identifications and, instead, identify with their father’s phallus. So many different psychological identity structures can occur here for the formation of personality. Thus, the female identification of her father’s phallus, which has been described as 'shit in a silk stocking' (derogatory slur, I know) is the acting out of behaviors aimed at filling the gap between genital Truth. It can work the opposite way for males desiring to have a vagina. “I have a penis, but I’ll steal mother’s vagina.” We see this with transgender individuals and transvestites. It’s part of the study of creative perversions.

Inevitably aught in the midst of the image of aesthetic beauty is ENVY. Women seem to be notorious for this and it may explain why more women don’t rally together to defend one another more often. There are some women who desire the spectacular brilliance of the artificial. The falsehood of designer tags, a size two body, glittering gold jewelry, and the security plastic facial reconstruction provide, have been psychoanalytically analyzed as assaults on the female body. These assaults are an expression of our deepest anxieties about human flesh and the existential terror of what it means to be human. Despite remarkable creativity and enterprise that human beings demonstrate, despite the staggering achievements we have made in science, technology and medicine, the most important features of existence remain out of our control. The fact is, we age and die. We are prone to disease. We are but flesh and bone and our destiny is to decay and die. Our term of life, fixed. The oppression I am experiencing, the wireless electronic assault and torture is being fueled by someone’s fantasy that this decay can be defeated and controlled (Holmes, pg. 74).

So the targeting of my early morning exercise routine may be rooted in the perpetrators compulsion to idealize, and his/her vital need for maintenance of his/her self-esteem. Remember, it was the splendor and spectacular brilliance of the artificial nightingale WHO GOT TO SIT CLOSEST TO THE EMPEROR!

We are able to observe the existence of a propensity to prefer what is false to what is true. This propensity is more or less strong according to each person. Such a propensity may be that of the creator himself/herself or one that appreciates a false creation over-enthusiastically. The question I want answered is, who is prompted to create an artificial bird (that is to say, who is prompted to create the artificial narrative that wireless electronic assaults and torture are the imaginings of the mentally ill), and why? And, who will be fascinated by this bird’s falsehood at the expense of the real one (the real truth), and why? It’s a a spectacular falsehood just like the spectacular brilliance of the mechanical bird who could not sing for the Emperor in his time of need.

In analyzing Hans Christian Andersen’s story, the question of how is it possible to define what is 'true' and what is 'false’? It’s the same question asked in the narrative of Targeted Individuals. For starters, 'true' is likened to the living, for it is always engender by its natural causes, in conformity with its essence, and in turn it engenders according to the same law. Whereas the 'false' is situated beyond any natural continuity, though it tries to make us believe it is an organic link in the chain.

There is also the issue of the ANAL factor in the creation of the perversion as well. The fact that it is always a question for the producer and his/her insense-bearer of making a presentation of the PHALLUS FOR WORSHIP. (The wireless electronic phallus for worship). In Hans Christian Andersen’s story he invites us to decide between the merits of the two birds. It seems the pervert’s creation represents the prototype of the creation of an anal phallus, a factitious penis whose kinship with the fetish is undeniable. Here, I am not speaking of the oral worshipping of a male penis during the act of sexual intercourse. Rather, this is a psychological fetish for the anal-sadistic universe seen in such cases like BDSM. This is an anal-sadistic fetish for the anal phallus which can be observed in the reports by individuals who claim they are psychotronically tortured and physically assaulted with what seems to be electromagnetic frequency fields (EMF). There is a great amount of libido being used in the sublimation of the perverse creation and so there must be a great deal of libido in creating its distraction. The distraction to draw people’s attention away from what is true. That is, torture in any shape or form is inhumane and wrong! There is also a pregenital ego that is being disguised to conceal it’s anal characteristic and fetish for the anal-sadistic universe.

Here we turn to the aspect of IDEALIZATION of the artificial nightingale which is covered with an abundance of dazzling jewels, whereas, the real nightingale is a plain grey bird. The true nightingale has nothing to hide, whereas the artificial one MUST make people forget it is nothing but a collection of cogs and wheels performing a function. So, too, with the narrative that says, “The Targeted Individuals are mentally ill and in need of mental health care treatment and/or they deserve the torture they are receiving.” It’s a distraction away from the Truth with a victim blaming narrative that obscures the anal-sadistic characteristic possessed by the perpetrators by calling out a supposed marginalized group as crazy. Historically, it has been marginalized groups, including the mentally ill, who have been victims of targeting, harassment, abuse, and torture.

Another aspect is the maternal seduction on the Ego Ideal stopped in its progression. What we observe is that identification endeavors to mold a person’s Ego after the one who has been taken as a model. Freud gave us “The Ego and the Id" (1923). This Ego Ideal identification with a loved and admired 'Other’ contributes to this new agency. “Here we have higher nature, in his Ego Ideal or Superego, the representative of our relations to our parents. When we were little children we knew these higher nature’s, we admired them and feared them, and later we took them into ourselves (Chasseguet-Smirgel, pg. 69).” We can apply this psychoanalytic theory to forms of male supremacy.

Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel “has proposed the following guideline: Those who have not been able to project their Ego Ideal onto their father and his penis, and who subsequently have gaps in their identifications, will feel the necessity, for obvious narcissistic motives, to grant themselves their missing identity by different means, creation being one among others (pg. 69–70).” And here we have the creation of a perverse universe that includes the anal-sadistic torture of a population of people, through use of advancing technologies, which I might add, man lacking a vagina and the ability to bring forth life on his own created the wheel and with it, modern civilization was born, and with that advancing technologies for more efficient war.


Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel (1984). Creativity and Perversions. Free Association Books. London, England. Chapter 7. A Psychoanalytic Study of Falsehoods. pp.66–77.

Lucy Holmes (2013). Wrestling with Destiny: The promise of psychoanalysis. Routledge. New York, NY. Chapter 3. The Oppression of Women. pg. 74.



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