Aoqin Dragon: How these cyber actors are similar to the phenomenon of gang stalking with electronic assault

Over the past year I uncovered how similar gang stalking assaults with electronic harassment and electronic physical assaults are to the five (5) cyber security vulnerabilities of cyber crime. Today I came across an article that details how researcher Joey Chen of Sentinel Labs says he spotted a decade of cyber attacks he would be happy to attribute to a single Chinese gang. Chen has named the gang Aoqin Dragon.

Aoqin Dragon’s attacks are not unsimilar to other cyber types of attacks; compromise a machine and seek wider network access so the gang can find juicy information. Welcoming all of us to the next age of much needed service security surveillance protection and the dawn of cyber wars.

“The targeting of Aoqin Dragon closely aligns with the Chinese government’s political interests,” Chen wrote, adding “considering this long-term effort and continuous targeted attacks for the past few years, we assess the threat the actor’s motives are espionage oriented.”

I find the similarities with my own private targeting and electronic harassment suspiciously similar to this type of cyber crime. For my own private attacks are clandestine telecommunications surveillance and “listening” to my private communication via wireless access. The method, compromise any device (in this case a human body implanted with “listening software” and GPS tracking sets the stage of for the targeted harassments of the future. It’s definitely a form of cyber crime as it violates several US constitutional rights.

Today, gangs are no different than secretive clandestine agencies within governments. Technology can be acquired cheaply and with a little knowledge and a network of supporters is exactly how democracies work to dismantle opposing “ill-fitting interests.”

China is often accused of using foul means to acquire secrets from private sectors and governments organizations. Might we not say the same of the way the East German Secret Police (STAZI) and Russia conducted their affairs?

The same skills required by advanced spy networks are the same skills imploded by gang stalkers; continue advancing your tradecraft and continue to find new methods of evading detection to stay longer in the targeted zone.

News of the group’s activities follows 3 US government agencies — the NSA, FBI, CISA. These 3 agencies have jointly announced that China-backed actors are attacking routers and network attached storage devices to exfiltrate data from carriers and network service providers.

The difference between cyber attacks like Aoqin Dragon and my private targeting is the difference between compromising a machine (computer or computer network) and compromising a human body (specifically vulnerable human bodies) for acquisition.

Aoqin Dragon targets devices that have not patched exploits from 2017–2021. This leaves me to wonder what exploits have Targeted Individuals “not patched” within their own human bodies. After all, human bodies are not machines owned by a larger corporation? Or are they?

To learn how these cyber attacks share similar vulnerabilities with the phenomenon of gang stalking, please click on the link below:




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Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X