Are Targeted Individuals Eventually Killed?

The notion that anyone anywhere can be targeted and set up for execution is repugnant to our democracy. The idea that American civilians are targeted with electronic weapons for clandestine surveillance and information gathering for the pure pleasure of the attacker’s personal exploits is disturbing.

The fact that targeted killing is a part of the world we know, only confirms further that targeted individuals MAY NOT be imagining their suffering. The use of these warlike tactics turns the whole world into a war zone and sets an example for others who may want to do the same. The Star Wars isn’t quite what we might imagine it to be and the fact that men want to control territory in space sets the stage for more warlike warfare.

I believe that targeted individuals are killed off in a myriad of ways. One of them being the transformation of ‘the self' as a consequence to the targeting. For one is always changed by difficult and painful losses. Part of the targeting tactics is similar to roadblocks that prevent the targeted individuals from completing goals and may include the art of the lesser tradition of specialized torture. After all, are not people changed after a traumatizing terrorizing event?



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Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X