Conflict of Interest In Modern Medicine and the Prevalence of Victim Blaming in Targeted Individual Narratives

Karen Barna
4 min readAug 31, 2023

“The most frightening wars are the imaginary wars waged in the mind where no real threat to harm ever even existed. Where the monsters and demons belong to a mythical imaginary, a mythical imaginary where delusions are bred in the minds of paranoid schizoids.” (see The Presence of Rape Myths in the Virtual World”, Idols of Perversity: Fantasies of feminine evil in the fin de siecle culture by Bram Dijkstra, and Madmen and Medusas by Juliet Mitchell)

In the practice of medicine, there is supposed to exist absolutely no conflict of interest between the medical professional and the well-being of their patients. The code of medical ethics requires medical professionals under no circumstances place their own financial interest above the welfare of their patients.(1) Since, it is my opinion that the entrance into the targeted individual experience; psychotronic torture, voice to skull, experiencing increased EMF fields, remote wireless bodily stimulation, as well as many other reported symptoms begins with entrance into healthcare system and/or the acquisition of affordable health insurance. I was not targeted before acquiring NJ family Care in 1999. This is based on my timeline experience. I feel this is a factor contributing to the onset of Targeted Individual symptoms for SOME PEOPLE. Again, every case is different and unique and therefore requires individual unbiased inspections since there seems to be a prejudice involved against the targeted population of individuals suffering from unwanted intrusive surveillance and abuse.

Another problem, I have encountered is a Victim Blaming Narrative put forth by people attempting to explain the phenomenon. Victim Blaming Narratives like, “It’s hard for me to feel sorry for those who are Targeted Individuals since:

-She/he drank alcohol and used drugs, it’s just hard for me to feel sorry for her/him. (This represents indifference. This mind set is very dangerous towards targeted victims because there exists no real concern present in the mind set of the onlooker who would most likely refuse help to the Targeted Individual).

-She/he “mentally ill” and needs “help”. She/he is the one who is “delusional”. This represents a form of “spin” discussed later.

Other Victim Blaming Narratives related to other phenomenon like rape (2) and other life misfortune like physical assault:

-She/he was married several times and cheated on all her/his spouses. She deserved what she got.

-She/he was a “whore” when she was younger. If she/he was raped, she deserved it.

-She/he got sloppy drunk at the party, she/he deserved to be gang raped or victimized. (2)

-She/he dressed promiscuously revealing too much of her/his body. She/he was asking for it.

-She/he wasn’t mindful of her/his words. She/he deserved the beating she got.

-She advertised herself over social media and it was easy for the perpetrator to acquire her personal information. She wasn’t careful. She deserved to be victimized.

There exists a Victim Blaming Narrative possessed by individuals who learn about Targeted Individual’s stories and those close to the targeted individuals, like family members and friends, that make it sound like the Targeted Individual “deserves to be tortured” and should be victimized and this can facilitate and further obscure the phenomenon into the shadowy areas of non full-disclosure and transparency of what these assaults truly represent; human rights violations and civil rights violations. These are tactics similarly used by those with power to maintain complete control over the narrative. Governments and politicians are really good at this when they want to manipulate and exploit information in favor of the government. The government has a very sophisticated surveillance and protection system of analytics evaluating threats and this includes published information by its enemies. Media information techniques known as “spin” are frequently employed to analyze the public opinion regarding a specific topic the government is interested in floating. The American media that feeds information to the American population also is influenced by government powers.

In short, the human archive is full of historical accounts detailing the targeted of unwanted populations with inhumane and unethical torture and wars waged to remove them from the population.



(2) Anna E. Kosloski and Bridget K. Diamond-Welch. “The Presence of Rape Myths in the Virtual World: A Qualitative Textual Analysis of the Stuebenville Sexual Assault Case” VIOLENCE AND GENDER Vol. 5, No. 3, October 5, 2018.

(3) America’s Book of Secrets. Season 1. Episode 1. “Whitehouse Secrets and Scandals.” I include this because it discusses various tactics used to control situations that threaten national security. And there is a direct connection to what is perceived as a “threat”. Groups of people who are aliens to American culture have been feared and unethically targeted and tortured, often when no real threat exists. “The most dangerous wars are imaginary wars where no real threat ever even existed.”



Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X