Disguising The Pregenital Ego To Conceal Anal-Sadistic Character Traits And What That Means About Targeted Individuals (follow up to my previous post)

Karen Barna
5 min readSep 15, 2023
An image of a mechanical Nightengale from the fable by Hans Christian Andersen's "The Nightengale" as analyzed by Janine Chassegeut-Smirgel's study on "Falsehoods"

The creation of the modern world in the nineteenth century was most prominently recognized as a male modern creation. In fact, most ancient world rulers were men except for a few exceptions of brilliant, intelligent, and creative women who can only be described as outliers among their cohorts. Of course, we could discuss the perversion in Queen Hapshepshut’s crowning herself Pharaoh, an act that drew astonishing gasps of amazement from the ancients in antiquity, but that’s an entirely different story to tell.

I want to light a candle in the darkness of the modern day mystery and phenomenon of the Targeted Individual suffering psychotronic torture, voice to skull, and other bodily symptoms induced by wireless electromagnetic fields of energy. As I have stated previously, men, and this theory can apply to women too, who do not project their ego ideal onto their fathers will subsequently suffer gaps in their identifications which will create driving narcissistic motives to grant themselves their missing identity by different means, creation being one of them. That is, the creation of perversion and perverse schemes. “The work this created will symbolize the phallus, the gap in identity being likened to castration (Chassgeut-Smirgel, 1984).” Thus, the subject will be led to create one, instead of begetting his own work, he will fabricate one to replace it. Thus we see in the Targeted Individual experience, the wireless electromagnetic phallus for, what can be perceived for no other reason than for military worship and other acts of interpersonal war (domestic violence, interpersonal violence, proliferating the sex trafficking trade, rape and sexual assault, physical assault, perverted forms of discipline, and femicide as well as other forms of murder. Because the sexualized libido of the predator has not been properly sublimated and introjected, it becomes repressed, and for this reason the process counter-cathected, the subject will find it hard to become the father of any kind of genuine work. “Thus the work often created will often represent the phallus superior to the father’s genital penis. Indeed, it can only be a make-believe phallus because of the faulty introjection to the parental attributes. Any confrontation with the truthful reality will generate anxiety associated with introjecting the Truth causing a confrontation to the illusion. FOR INTROJECTION OF THE PARENTAL PENIS IS FELT AS THE CASTRATING FATHER AND AROUSES FEARS OF RETALIATION (Chassegeut-Smirgel, 1984).” This is the most primal and primitive beginnings to the world of our future relational objects and their outcomes, regrettably, some violent and lethal.

In order to maintain his illusion, he will be obliged to pass off his infertile inadequate penis as a penis as valid as his father’s by idealizing it. In Janine Chassgeut-Smirgel’s opinion “the pervert’s creation creates his own magnified phallus which, for a lack of adequate identification with his own father, can at best only be factitious. Indeed this process maybe detected elsewhere than in perversions, whenever we come across any sizeable failure in identifications on both sides of the Oedipus Complex. Such a process involves a projection of the Ego Ideal onto archaic pregenital imagos, as well as a want of an evolutive kind of Ego-Ideal, (for precise historical reasons), which prompt the subject to choose the maintenance of the illusion -of the make-believe — rather than to fill in the gaps which the neurotic (or the ‘normal’) aspires to fill (Chassgeut-Smirgel, 1984).” My next article will follow up with a psychoanalytic example impostor status and the falsehoods of “make-believe illusion" in the family romance fantasy in the life of Jerzy Kosinski in his writing “The Painted Bird" as well as a brief mention of the sensationalized case of Gianni Versace 's assassination.

As I have previously stated, there are so many various possibilities for outcomes to the different formations of personality and identity with failures of identifications on both sides of the Oedipus Complex it becomes necessary to try and delimit the common core of various disorders ranging from perversions to certain character formations, psychopathy (serial killers and serial rapists), and even toxicomania. Among these “mental illness” we see; Homosexuality, Transgender Sexual Orientation, Personality Disorders (malevolent psychopathy for one of many personality constellations), Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Substance Abuse Disorders (toxicomania), Sexism and Racism in White Male Supremacy (a symptom of narcissistic personality disorders), or any form of religious or ethnic supremacy, etc.

The fact there exists in the narrative of the Targeted Individual experience an outcry from family, friends, and relatives that the Targeted Individual is “sick and mentally ill” and “in need of threatment” exposes the possibility of conspiracy because these family members place their loved one in a marginalized group, the mentally ill, which we know from historical records, are the typical subjects of targeting, harassment, abuse and tortured violence. The question, I hope, politicians and the general public want answered is, “To what level of threat do those suffering the Targeted Individual experience represent to society?” Because, in my opinion, the gangs responsible for targeting the hate onto an otherwise innocent, vulnerable, and weakened population represent a form of malevolence and psychopathy that can only be described as the DARK TETRAD personality constellation (Psychopathy, Narcissism, Machiavellianism, Sadism). It’s Machiavellian in its presentation as the wireless electromagnetic targeting is hidden and clandestine, as I have observed it and witnessed it, and experienced it! And, what’s more, is the presence of its level of sadism which represents a pregenital ego at work with its possessed anality focusing on idealizing its own factitious penis. The fact, the wireless electronic attacks are invisible to the naked eye and represent a form of concealment expresses the vital need to prevent detection of its possessed anal-sadistic character traits. This suggests it is truly Machiavellian in nature. This becomes even more difficult if you are not versed in the semiotics of psychoanalysis, something the general public is at a disadvantage in understanding, as I myself was until I took to independent research to uncover its enduring mysteries. This perversion, that perverts and undermines an otherwise disadvantaged group of people as “mentally ill” is a mask designed to conceal anality and can only be described as “a bad cigar wrapped in a rich gold leaf" to borrow from the Samuel Fuller’s film, “The Baron of Arizona (1950)”. Or Napoleon’s opinion of Talleyrand, “shit in a silk stocking” because it represent nothing more than gaslighting and perspecticide that undermines a person’s ability to verifiably know what they already know and to understand what is happening to them is nothing more than abusive violence.


Janine Chassegeut-Smirgel (1984) “Creativity and Perversion. Free Association Books. London.



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