Electronic Harassment: Mind Control or Soul Murder?

Karen Barna
6 min readJan 26, 2024

“In psychology, the term soul murder is defined as the deliberate traumatization by an authority (parent) to his charge (child).”

Throughout history a systematic silencing of human consciousness served as an efficient tool for dominating and neutralizing tribe members, citizens, and whole nations. We know that cults, initiation rites, protracted or repetitive religious ceremonies and other forms of mind control existed in ancient Egypt and in other parts of the world. Charismatic experts of human engineering, priests, gurus, elders, kings, and their counselors knew how to psychologically exploit fascination, fear, and guilt for their purposes. One of the proven methods for controlling the minds of people is the use of techniques and rituals to create peak experiences and moments of illumination. Peak experiences can be rich sources for insight, healing, and renewal, and can offer vital rest and relaxation. Benny Shanon (2002), a cognitive psychologist at the Hebrew University, describes in a compelling document an amazing array of images and insights he acquired traversing altered states of consciousness produced by consuming the Ayahuasca drug in the company of Amazonian shamans (see also Harner, 1990).

But intense peak experiences can also serve an opposite purpose by undermining the self-feeling of individuals and masses, and feeding the crowds the opium of bread and circus. The more systematic, modern version of mind control has the form of a preordained plan to influence its objects to adopt a new version of causality and to radically reinterpret their life history while developing a dependency on the organization or the leader. The mind control trajectory will further turn its object into an agent of the organization or the leader who runs the thought reform (Please refer to my post, “Effects Of Electronic Targeting: Weight Gain That Unheimlich Femininity” dated June, 15, 2022 and consider the effect of wireless remote electromagnetic assaults as a re-directing of human behavior as a “behavioral change technique" due to the controller’s delusional perception of the object as a “whore” or to ward of threats to the controller’s ego).

In the psychological processes of mind control in religious cults, “If he will be told that the great ecstasy he felt is the Holy Spirit that entered his body and mind, he will believe it. If he is told that the feeling of detachment and distance he is experiencing represents a state of cosmic union with the All, he will believe it, too.”

A behavioral change technology, according to Margaret Singer who was a major researcher of mind control, is applied to cause the learning and adoption of an ideology or set of behaviors. Thus, painful environmental intrusion of remote wireless electromagnetic assaults, undermines a person’s confidence and freedom to choose and care for themselves. It causes them to “drop out" and withdraw from performing the behavior. Mind control, according to Singer, is distinguished from other forms of social learning by “the condition under which it is conducted and by the technique of environmental and interpersonal manipulation (such as remote wireless electromagnetic intrusions and assaults) employed to suppress particular behavior and to train others.”

Charismatic leaders and agents of so-called coercive persuasion are often capable of achieving far-reaching changes in people. There are regimented “thought reforms,” “reeducation programs,” “self-strengthening tracks,” all names for an assortment of what used to be called brainwashing and is now called mind control. These processes were and are practiced in cults, in religious conversion agendas, under totalitarian governments, in certain therapeutic communities, and in abusive relationship of all stripes.

The mind control techniques used on an intimate level, whether analytical or domestic have such terms as gaslighting, soul murder, driving the other person crazy. These techniques are also called the technology of coercive control in abusive relationships and have been used to describe procedures of unacknowledged or dissociated domination and psychic exploitation within the imprisonment of the closed quarters of the family or the analytic situation. They describe the confusion of the victim, who struggles with the feeling that her mind plays tricks on her and that she is losing her sanity.

Patrick Hamilton’s play “Angel Street" (1939) was later adapted to “Gaslight” (1944), a movie that shows how a young newlywed woman is driven to the brink of madness by the machinations of her criminal husband, who attempts to make her doubt her hold on reality in order to commit her to a mental institution. One of the ways he was able to shake his wife’s confidence in her own perceptions was to alter the brightness of the gaslight in the house, hence the title gaslight. There is a stark parallel to this machination and the machination of remote wireless electromagnetic assaults to the body and mind: electromagnetic frequency sedation and the subsequent lowering of cognitive awareness. Which I have stated before, in turn, messes around with a person’s clairsentience as well as their internal locus of control and allows for the very real possiblity for other forms of victimization.

Couples therapy works with a solid awareness of phenomena of induced craziness in one or both partners. In such situations the psychotic person may look normal and healthy while his partner will appear confused and mentally ill. Lately, I have been receiving harassment at my local shop-rite by mostly black employees and customers. I can recall only one white women who harassed me there. She was an employee in the pharmacy department. One particular occasion, a black man stood behind me in the check out register and said, “You look okay. But you not okay.” I didn’t know what to say. But he repeated, “You not okay.” Could this be a reference to the above stated information? Does he think I am mentally ill? Does he think I am physically ill? Or both? This was an interesting observation for me since I receive remote wireless electromagnetic assaults at ShopRite, ACME, Aldi’s, and Sav-A-Lot. I think the remote wireless electromagnetic assaults or intrusions are done through a linking process similar to a cell phone’s Bluetooth or Nearby Share features. I believe EMF is used as some type of ego-modifying technique that impairs cognitive awareness and clairsentience retards and slows down cognitive processes is being cast by a hand held devices similar to a cell phone because I don’t always feel the EMF assault/intrusion until a few minutes after entering the store, making me believe I might have been followed and stalked.

Other forms of harassment I received was from a black women at Aldi’s who, when she looked at me went, “PFFT!” As she made a noise by pushing air through her lips in disgust. A different black women at ShopRite, as she walked by me, laughed in my face. It’s important to note wireless electromagnetic harassment began two years after applying for Food Stamps at my local board of social services. There is a large population of black people on welfare in my city. Our state agencies employ many local black residents. I don’t know if there is a connection to social services? But I believe the acquisition of health insurance and medical treatments such doctor visits and hospital stays are the gateway to receiving electronic harassment and electronic torture.

In yet another parallel to the lowered cognitive awareness induced by remote wireless electromagnetic harassment/assault is the phenomena of “snapping”. We know from mind control literature that emotional overload, as well as physical techniques such as prolonged rhythmical pounding and drumming, music and dance, chanting and praying, fasting, and sleeplessness, are vehicles for changing brain waves and brain functioning. Trance states — regarded by Dennis Wier (1996/2009) as a “looping of consciousness” that has the capacity to disable critical reflection — are states of mind that are generated by the iteration of stimuli, and/or having the subject flooded with them or deprived of them. Trance states, for good or bad, means of saving mental energy by enabling the routinization of many ordinary activities while at the same time disabling higher, more demanding cognitive functions. Trance can be said to be a kind of dissociation that creates the illusion that the images or thoughts that emerge while it lasts are true and valid. We also know that many social contexts and group pressures accelerate and reinforce processes wherein people abdicate personal responsibility, conform to the group’s values, and mutilate their individual identity. We know likewise that psychodynamic processes, such as manipulated intimacy and transference to authority figures, introjection processes are promoted by a certain cunning empathy by the influencer and can have tremendous mutative powers. The mutual influence of body, society, and mind that are implicated in these processes reinforce one another exponentially.


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