Feminine Resistance, Subjection, and Resignification and Feminine Discourse

“Abstract Figure Study I” by Albena Hristova

“Les principles de la taxation resent les memes, seils les seuils d’assejettissement a l’impot sont legerement modifies.”

“The principles of taxation remain the same, only the tax liability threshold are slightly modified.”

For Michel Foucault the process by which one becomes a subject is through assujetissement (which also translates to liability) one losses their autonomy to a power only to become a subject which implies a radical dependency on that power. This is Foucault’s premise in his book “Discipline and Punish”. In “Discipline and Punish” the process of becoming a subject takes place centrally through the human body. The prisoner’s body becomes a sign of guilt and transgression, as the embodiment of prohibition and the sanction for rituals of normalization. However, the subject is formed through a discursive matrix as a juridical subject.

In the process of contract stalking with electromagnetic frequency assaults and torture, there is a set of pre-existing conditions. The two previous mentioned is a label of non-valuable status, as a “life not worth living” and a method of operation as “a power over.” I happen to call it “an abusive power over.” The third existing condition manifests as a “liability” (assujetissement) owed to a Lord in which the “subject” becomes the “bonded or bondsman.

If the targeted individuals are in the process of becoming (that is, being formed) as a result of the pre-existing discursive constituted identity as a “prisoner” to some Lord, what exactly constitutes “the prisoner’s identity.” That is to say, what makes the prisoner flawed, and in this “flawed” and lacking state what liability does the targeted individual (“the bondsman”) owe to “the Lord?”

Historically, during the Victorian era, therapeutic rape was enforced and even given as a prescription for wonton, wayward women who refused to listen to their husbands. My testimony is this, being electronically targeted is nothing short of sexual assault and being raped. The tensions that are placed upon my body violate boundaries no person has any right to touch, let alone take with a physical force. My feminine resistance to a predominantly masculine discourse (violence) does not warrant my resignification process as a mute being too sick to speak because of a “feminine flawed being.” For if this is the masculine discourse, were not all females borned flawed for lack of a penis?

“What is a woman?” I can tell you what a woman is not. A woman is not the behavioral characteristic attributes that sexually violate other females. That, makes up a large portion of masculine discourse that victim blame the woman for her “feminine flawed nature.” The feminine knows what it means to be sexually violated. The liability I owe seems to be rooted in being female/feminine.

A quick recap of the pre-existing conditions that contribute to the targeted individual:

1. A label of non-valuable status, a life deemed not worth living. This can include, but is not limited to: mentally ill, the physically disabled, prostitute, drug addicted, alcoholic, Jew, Christian, Democrat, elderly, and mentally retarded.

2. A stronger political “power over” the subject which tends to be an “abusive power over” and to which has made its presence known through electronics targeted physical assaults and psychotropic torture.

3. “A liability” to this stronger political power which is done through the process of forming a subject through the centralized use of the subject’s body and mind as discussed by Michel Foucault in his book “Discipline and Punish.”



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Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X