Freud’s “Three Essays On The Theory of Sexuality” and It’s Connection To Electronic Torture, Gang Stalking, and Targeted Physical Assaults: Why targeted individuals believe government surveillance and mind control programs are behind the phenomenon

What’s the aim of the perversion?

One of my favorite female psychoanalyst, and I have many favorite female writer in this field, is Nancy Chodorow and her insightfulness to Sigmund Freud’s Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality”.

In his first essay, “The Sexual Abberations” he points out that everyone has both homosexual and heterosexual libidinal attachments in his or her unconscious. Both employ a “tyranny” of one object aim. Freud says, “The exclusive sexual interest felt by men for women is also a problem that needs elucidating and IS NOT a self-evident based upon an attraction that is ultimately of a chemical nature.” In his third essay, “The Transformation of Puberty", the desirable developmental path leads to heterosexual object choice with “coitus as the final aim.” Freud also believes all sexual outcomes are developmentally contingent, of being innately determined, and helped along by family processes. The “normality" of the perversion is defined “by the aim of the perversion” and not the sex in relation to the self. In particular, the perversion employs organs other than the genitals “in the final sexual act”, and they sexualize non-human objects (electronic devices that penetrate another’s flesh from a distance). We can reference here the formation of the fetish and what Freud called the “component instinct" pairs; sadism and masochism AND scopophilia and exhibitionism. Whose exclusivity aim both can be used as criteria in defining the perversion. Freud defined perversion in relation to “normal heterosexual sexual coital aims.”

First, on a behavioral level, many activities that count as a perversion are quite normal when part of the process leading to heterosexual coitus. Freud reminds us that on the level of arousal and fantasy, any organ can come to function as an erotogenic zone. In cases of both component instincts and erotogenic organs, IT IS NOT CONTENT BUT “exclusiveness and fixation" that distinguishes a perversion from “normal sexuality.”

Second, on a psychological level, perversion and neurosis are two sides of the same psychic formation. Those who are conflicted about or condemn sexual desires that they define consciously as unconsciously as perverse or abnormal repress them and constitute neurotic symptoms in their place. Symptoms themselves originate from repression and transformation. The following statement is important to the connection to clandestinely used forms of electronic targeted physical assaults and psychotronic torture found in the phenomenon of Group (Gang) Stalking and the targets belief in government “mind control” and throwback Nazi regime agendas:

“The unconscious fantasies underlying the symptoms [the perpetrator’s symptoms to wish and annihilate with “coital tyranny”] reproduce or mimic these perverse forms — as when masochism is transmuted into something moral and the person constantly engaged in self-punishment and verbal self-flaggelation , or when sadistic anal desires are expressed in attacking and attempting to destroy the creations of others through ridicule or mental demolition or are transformed into compulsive withholdings and orderliness.”

The ladder was one of the reasons Nazi behavior was criticized because military households of high ranking Nazi officers felt more important the cleanliness of their household than displays of affection and attention to their children.

Consider reading:

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Karen Barna

Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X