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Hacking The Human Brain

Karen Barna
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If their models are accurate, the researchers will be literally able to read the mind of a mouse. ~National Geographic Magazine, 2014

The utilitarian purpose of neuroscience is not just to cure the mind of disease, but, in this case, also implies a form of intelligence gathering, where outsiders become privy to a person’s inner secret thoughts through human-machine interfaces. Where brain signals will be relayed to computers where they will be interpreted into readable text (intelligence gathering). Funny thing about the brain, it runs on electricity and radio waves too, just like the human heart, computers, cell phones, and tablets. The brain also runs on chemical signatures. Satellites transfer information to and from electronic devices via the electromagnetic spectrum (radio waves). So my point is this. There may be some credible evidence to support the claims of Targeted Individuals claiming they suffer a form of “mind reading” and/or “mind control” based on the article in Nat Geo Magazine.

It has been my experience that wireless electronic harassment, assaults, and torture (the Targeted Individual experience) begins with entrance into the healthcare system. It is the gateway to, what in my opinion is, criminal violations against the human body through unwanted, inhumane, and unethical assaults to the human body via radio waves.

Like the above referenced journal article details, implants that are implanted in the human body respond to a signal transmission; transmitter to receiver. There are low-orbit satellites that beam and upload information to the internet where the transmitted information can be read and accessed online. I am currently using one such operation every time I use my cell phone to upload to Facebook or my Medium account. Elon Musk has over 4,000 low-orbit satellites providing internet service and GPS location finding. Cell phones and low-orbit satellites allow for the constant surveillance of people as well as their digital communications and cellular interactions. This can facilitate electronic harassment too. Geofencing is one form of harassment where groups can be corralled and confined like cattle. Corralling populations of people into confinement via wireless electronic geofencing. This form of control can be manipulated and exploited and bring the term “confinement” to a whole new level of operation. Cell phones, computers and satellites will ultimately refine the development and advancement of telemedicine with real-time readings of vital signs; heart rate, respiration, blood glucose, body temperature, etc. Further experimental projects (in medicine) with these new technologies and the human body, which is the sight of resistance, subjection, and resignification (Foucault, 1978; Butler 1997) will further utilitarian purposes as well as social control of populations. Further development and expansion of these technologies will also expand and develop economic markets and make it available to consumers. My question is, “What’s the dark side to the availability of these new technologies to consumers? New forms of crime! What happens when these new technologies fall into the hands of someone who is psychotically foreclosed against a person or a whole population of people? The Moscow Signal. Havana Syndrome. The Targeted Individual. It is a historical fact, humanity has a long history with prejudicial forms of madness; Holocaust, Rwanda genocide, Inquisitions, and events of human torture.

To further support my point, let’s look at the American food supply and Food Pyramid. They say America has one of the safest food supplies in the world.” But do we really? There is considerable debate on what is considered “safe" and “clean eating". With various salmonella and E. Coli outbreaks and the onset of heart disease and diabetes, is what we are eating really safe? The Food Guide Pyramid, put forth by the FDA encourages people to consume animal dairy, eggs, chicken, beef, pork and other animal meats. This is a form of marketing partnership that supports profits for these industries and the government/politicians are given kickbacks. Slogans like, “Got Milk", “Where’s The Beef", and “The Incredible Edible Egg” all seek to beguile us in to believing what’s not really good for us, “is good for us.” Subsequently, the human fallout from eating these food products are human disease, and the profits for curing and managing them goes to the healthcare industry and big pharmaceutical corporations.

Some other statistics to consider when considering the phenomenology of the Targeted Individual is this, 39% of female serial killers work in the health care industry or similar related fields. This fact, makes me wonder about medical conspiracies that could be contributing to the Targeted Individual’s experience and research into the phenomenon suggests Targeted Individuals are considered “mentally ill” by their family members. Since “mentally ill” people suffer disproportionately from stereotypes, prejudicial treatment, and hate crimes, and human history details man’s periodic interludes with prejudicial madness, could something be a miss regarding the inhumane treatment received by mentally ill Targeted Individuals?


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Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X