Havana Syndrome Linked To Russian Foreign Nationals Sources Say: Evidence Targeted Individuals may not have been mentally ill in their claims

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"Targeting Americans" aired on CBS Sunday March 31, 2024. Investigative journalism uncovers the source, reasons, and side-effects of these attacks.

Updated: April 2, 2024

The 60 Minutes episode aired on CBS on March 31, 2024 providing the public with provocative and concrete evidence that the targeting of American citizens is underway and really happening. No longer the smoke and mirrors of psychopathic gaslighting because of undocumented evidence because the intel is gathering! Intel that sheds light onto the dark shadows of this disturbing mystery!

As you may recall, several federal government officials were assaulted with directed energy weapons in Havana Cuba in 2016 which gave the phenomenon its name. There were several other federal government officials who were also targeted while in other countries abroad, and the timeline of these assaults have been reported as early as 2014.

Scott Pelley’s latest investigative journalism has revealed proof of what appears to be a Russian spy ring of top secret Russian military personnel actively targeting certain American government officials and their families on American soil and abroad.

My brother was a government official who was in the military and gave service to the American government during the cold war in Russia and Germany while Berlin was divided by The Wall. Is my family being assaulted for my brother’s commitment to military intelligence and faithful duty to the American people’s safety?

Pelley’s investigation notes that in 2014, there were three CIA operatives stationed in Ukraine for U.S. intelligence interests during the massive revolt that overthrew Putin’s favored leader of the country. Later, these three agents were reassigned to other countries. One in Uzbekistan, one in Vietnam, and the third officers’ family was hit in London. The effects of the assault torture are devastating to the people who suffer from them.

In a major study for the government conducted by Stanford University Professor, Dr. David Relman, found clear and convincing evidence of injury to the auditory and vistibula part of the brain — starting with the inner ear where humans perceive sound and make sense of balance. This internal organ translates that information into electrical signals the brain can understand. His study concluded “directed pulsed (Radio Frequency) energy … appears to be the most plausible mechanism …”

Gathering Evidence

FBI special agent “Carrie” working in counter-intelligence in Florida was assaulted with some type of high energy weapon that focused beams of electromagnetic energy such as radio, microwave, and ultrasound into her ear. The assault was so forceful, the invisible force thrust her forward at a forty-five degree angle but did not knock her over. She reported feeling pressure and pain that coursed through her right ear, down her jaw, and into her chest. The effect was so intense, she passed out on a couch. This resulted in long-term side-effects of short and long term memory loss that also effected her ability to multi-task. Today, she is not the same person she was before the attack. She reported, “If I turn too fast, my internal gyroscope is off. If I turn too fast I will literally walk into a door frame or wall.”

The Link To Russian Foreign Operatives

Special Agent “Carrie” was investigating counter-intelligence cases involving Russian nationals. The link led investigators to Vitalii Kovalev who maintained all the signs of a covert Russian foreign national from St. Petersburg Russia. Tracing Kovalev’s history investigators found he started out in the military specializing in radio electronics with a particular focus in military microwave electronics. He had all the skills and background of someone who would be working in high technology military operations. Kovalev then abruptly changed fields, immigrants to the U.S., and becomes a chef working in New York and Washington D.C. Kovalev remained a military electronics engineer with top secret military clearance for the Russian government. Kovalev spent 80 hours being investigated by Special Agent “Carrie” who was investigating multiple Russian spies before she was attacked.

More Evidence Revealed

In Tbilisi, Georgia on October 7, 2021 the wife of a Justice Department official working in the embassy there was attacked. She is a nurse with a Ph.D. in anesthesiology. She reported hearing a high pitch sound that pierced her ears through the left side of her head. She felt it come through the window she was standing next to and began to feel a fullness in her head followed by a piercing headache and then she projectile vomited. It was the second incident that week. Another U.S. official, their spouse, and child was hit with a directed energy weapon. American intelligence gathering intercepted a phone call near this location. A man in Russian says, “Is it supposed to have blinking green lights?” and “Should I leave it on all night?” The next day the family was attacked.

This intelligence lead the investigation to a Russian young man by the name of Albert Averyanov. The investigation uncovered a top secret Russian military intelligence group by the name of “Unit 29155" of which Averyanov was a member. Averyanov is also the son of the unit’s commander. Members of this unit are trained to be versatile assassins and sabotage operators. They’re trained in counter-surveillance. They’re trained in explosives. They’re trained in using poisons and technology equipment to basically inflict pain and damage to their targets. Investigators revealed members of this group were present at the time of the attacks in Tbilisi. Additionally, military intelligence tells Averyanov’s cell phone was turned off at the time, but someone had logged into his email account. Investigators believe it was Averyanov himself, although unconfirmed.

A document uncovered by an expert investigative journalist in Russian operations revealed a connection between “Unit 29155" to a direct energy weapon. The document reflects an awarded bonus to a military officer of the unit for his work on the “potential capabilities of non-lethal acoustic weapons.” This tells investigators the top secret Russian unit was engaged with the imperial testing of direct energy weapons.

The Reasons Behind The Use Of Direct Energy Weapons

An official Pentagon investigation lead by Greg Edgreen, a retired military officer, for the Defense Intelligence Agency between 2021–2023 reported the patterns of attacks reflect the purpose for the neutralization of high-caliber intelligence officials. Low to moderate performers are not being attacked. Rather, the top 5%-10% of the government’s highest intelligence performers are being neutralized across the Defense Intelligence Agency. In all these cases, there was always a Russian Nexus. Therefore, a correlation between these top intelligence officers’ performance and their involvement in Russian cases where they performed extremely well in the service to the American people and their government, lead investigators to believe their exceptional service performance was the reason for their targeting.

The Latest Attack

The latest attack occurred last year at NATO’s Summit in Lithuania in November 2023. A meeting that focused largely on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A senior official of the Defense Department was struck with symptoms and had to seek medical treatment.

Still More Controversy and Doubt

Dispite vast amounts of intelligence gathering that point the finger at Russia, the director of National Intelligence says, “The symptoms probably existed from pre-existing conditions, conventional illness, and environmental factors.” Still other government officials claim there is no credible evidence that America is under any threat from a foreign government.

What Does This Means For Americans?

The daunting truth is direct energy weapons are effective which increases their desirableness to be used in military applications. It’s next generation weaponry and it’s being refined on U.S. government officials and their families.

Attorney Mark Zaid, who represents several government officials and their family members suffering from attacks, has said the intelligence community is most likely trying to cover it up. Mark Zaid had been disclosed top secret intelligence information he is not allowed to reveal and would never reveal. He knows some of this information he has learned undermines and contradicts what the government is saying publicly. He reported, “The government sees lines of inquiry that would potentially take them to answers they don’t want to deal with, so, they’re not going to explore any of those avenues.” Mark Zaid reported there are dozens of CIA cases that have happened domestically and we are not talking about physical symptoms, we are talking about computer and cell phone issues being observed while the attack is occurring. Computer screens begin to flicker, blink on and off, or act strangely while they are in use during the assault.

Greg Edgreen who conducted an investigation for the Pentagon between 2021–2023 had the Pentagon’s support, but during the Trump and Biden administrations the bar of proof was set impossibly high. Edgreen said he believes the bar of proof was set so high because the government doesn’t want to acknowledge some very harsh truths. Those being; “Can we secure America?” “Are these massive counter-intelligence failures?” “Can we protect American soil and the people on that soil?” “Are we being attacked?” “And if we are being attacked, is that an act of war?”

If we are being attacked, then that means this is a war of shadows where the enemy lurks behind the veil of darkness, behind phantom masks. Looking at all the evidence, it appears to be Putin’s single most successful military campaign victory over America and its people, because the effects of this invisible war result in negative life altering changes that challenge those effected. Daily routines are obliterated, human lives dismantled, adverse health effects suffered, human confidence wanes, and everywhere, there seems no hope for a peaceful solution as the scattered fragments of lost memory lie in the rubble.



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