How Bureaucratic Institutions Contribute to the Uniform Deployment of Targeting and Dehumanizing Behaviors (Part II)

The Panzerkardinal, formerly the head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) and who ruled with ruthless efficiency as Cardinal Josef Ratzinger. He is now Pope Benedict XVI. Reinforcing the church’s traditional, conservative doctrine on key moral issues such as birth control, homosexuality, divorce, the role of women, and promoting the belief that the Catholic Church is the one true faith. For this, he earned the unflattering nickname “God’s Rottweiler.” This apparently did not offend him and it is widely reported that he referred to himself as the “Panzerkardinal.”

To give an example of how a bureaucracy gives phenomenon like Group (Gang) Stalking with electronic targeting assault and psychotronic torture its staying power, let’s look at the social fall-out following phenomenon of mass random gun violence in Charleston, Virginia in 2015. The racial tensions in the United States have always been with us. But in recent years the pitch of these tensions had reached such a level it was clear the United States was on the emergence of something new; the denouncement of the southern institution known as the Confederacy.

Following the Charleston Virginia Church shooting of 2015, in which nine African Americans were killed during a church service, prompted the removal of southern Confederate statues. The killer, Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old white supremacist open fired during a Bible study service. Roof espoused racial hatred in both a website manifesto published before the shooting and a journal written from jail afterward.

Two years following these events the city of New Orleans, Louisiana removed its Confederate memorials. In 2017, a few months following the removal of Louisiana’s Confederate statues, the Unite the Right rally formed in Charlottesville, Virginia to protest the removal of its Robert E. Lee statue. It turned violent. As a result of these ongoing tensions, various mayors and governors in cities across the United States began the removal of Confederate statues in what the Roman Catholic Church might call a “mass defrocking”. Why? Because the way to sustain any persecution is by giving that institution staying power by giving it an institutional life; the life of white supremacy. One might seriously ponder what the hell is giving the Targeted Individual phenomenon its staying power?

Is not the phenomenon of Group (Gang) Stalking with electronic targeted assault and psychotronic torture nothing more than the re-manifestation of Holy Roman Inquisitions?

Once inquisitions and persecutions come into existence, the tools used to stoke and manage those omnipresent embers of hatred, intolerance, and prejudice are by giving individuals with those very attributes and characteristics an institutional life and the capabilities to establish standard operating procedures (S.O.P.). This has been my understanding of the racial violence committed by white police officers against black men. I also understand this is sometimes witnessed as protection extended to police given by the governors and mayors following acts of excessive force and civil rights violations of black men. However, what I witnessed in the fall out of the George Floyd killing in 2020 was a manifestation of a similar type of male supremacy expressed by some black men that voiced the right of entitlement to commit violations against “other” solely on the basis of “Black Lives Matter.” We might even imagine and ponder future events. Events where blacks may form coalitions to victimize (even kill) whites in response to a flagrant demonstration of excessive force done by white police officers against black individuals. Certainly, this has been made manifest in the riots that ensued following the death of George Floyd and the victimization and destruction of white business owners' property through looting. Hate has only begotten hate and good leaders know the way to stymie any institutional power interested in persecuting others is by taking away or diminishing its authority. Wasn’t that what J. Edgar Hoover finally had come to do when he finally mustered enough courage to confront the mafia during the early 20th century? Isn’t this why RICO laws were established? And isn’t this why Derek Chauvin is no longer a police officer?

Power sources can vary as one might imagine, as people have imagined, that the phenomenon is enmeshed in institutionalized forms of power and political rule. It also may be imagined that the phenomenon of Group (Gang) Stalking may be a professional criminal orchestration; a professional business venture carried out against a vulnerable population who haven’t the power to defend itself against the monster the phenomenon represents. The Panzerkardinal of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, who incidentally has also been called “God’s Rottweiler,” reverberates itself in tones emanating from a proverbial history bell.

When asked if I believed the removal of the Confederate statues across the United States should occur, my answer was “Yes. Most definitely.” The reason I felt this way was because to do otherwise would be to give institutional power to the seeds of evil made manifest, not only in men’s deeds but in their thoughts as well. In other words, if it didn’t occur, it would be like backing and endorsing not just white supremacy, but all forms of cultural supremacy; religious, racial, gender, sexual, or otherwise. Then, how is the phenomenon of the Targeted Individual and Group (Gang) Stalking being given its staying power?

In order to find out the answer to this question one must uncover the following:

Who is enforcing the phenomenon’s laws and by what means is it administering punishments with a certain amount of uniformity and regularity? There must be a well-defined process (S.O.P) for conducting and exacting the torture being given.

What administrative authority has established the laws that are giving the institution of Group (Gang) Stalking with electronic targeted physical assaults and psychotronic torture the staying power it needs to continue its operations? Procedures (S.O.P.) exist for record-keeping, for retrieving information, compiling data, and ensuring the day-to-day operations for not only corporations but for administrative democracies but for research projects and medical monitoring. Under whose authority are these actions being directed?

Who make up the necessary trained staff to administer the torture and who are the individuals “competent” enough to be trusted with carrying out the administrative goals of the established coalition? All businesses, corporations, administrative bureaucracies, and governments, research groups, as well as organized criminal syndicates, need trusted and trained staff to invest power in, in order for the goals of the coalition to be meet. Of who is the coalition comprised?

What is their method of communication? There must be some ability to send messages across significant distances and keep records of communications such as texts, emails, faxes, phone calls, financial ledgers, etc. as well as some capacity to restrict the communications of others. The primary, number one characteristic of all businesses, corporations, administrative bureaus in government, research projects as well as in organized crime is a means to communicate information with one another. How do they communicate?

Where does their power derive from? This power can be political, religious, ethnic, business corporate entity, those with wealth, academic, cultural, etc., even networked criminal syndicates have a certain amount of established and ongoing staying power. How long did El Chapo run his business operations? How long were doctors in the early part of the 20th century allowed unethical, inhumane, and unorthodox torture of prison populations for the purpose of “research”? A well-established practice in the United States well before the Nazis took over Germany during World War II and where similar forms of torture continued to occur at Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.

On what basis and philosophical argument do they support their actions are in fact the right ones and not in violation of U.S. Constitutional Laws? An important factor to any act of supremacy is the need to always be right even in the face of philosophical arguments that say otherwise.

One might reach a conclusion as to the reason for such hate and intolerance is securely nestled in the institutions that make and create wars. Institutions that promote the continuation of hate, violence, intolerance, and bigotry; the militarized industrial complex. In fact, we might ask ourselves, “If we lived in a world where acts of violent aggression, hatred, intolerance, bigotry, and the like, were not given institutional staying power, might our world be just as violent?”



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Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X