I Have A Dog In The House

IMAGE: A Mastador — A Mastiff and Lab Mix

It was 2:00 a.m. in the morning and my mother wakes me up to help her with something. I thought to myself, “God woman, it is 2:00 a.m. in the morning!” She asked me to help her put something away in the refrigerator and as I walked out of my bedroom into the living room my mother says, “Oh yeah, there is one other thing. Something’s gotten into the house. I think it’s an animal. I can hear it move around but I can’t see it. I think it’s under the dining room table.” As I looked around, I notice no animal, but I can hear movement coming from under our dining room table. I then saw, a dog underneath our table that was large in size and medium brown in color. He obviously wasn’t supposed to be there, but he was a cute dog. The next thing I knew, he was in my bed and I was sharing the covers with him. Then I woke up. My dream came to an end.

The analysis in this particular dream’s symbolism is this: it’s a fucked up metaphor for the past men I have dated. Of course, there is my new Twitter account “Velma@Velma_Dinkley2” and he could have also been a metaphor for Scooby-Doo. He was large and brown, handsome and irresistible. In any event, my dream symbolism indicates that there is A “DOG” IN MY HOUSE.

In the dream symbolism of this particular dog is that of AN INTRUDER. The dog somehow entered our house unknowingly as he represented as an unwelcomed visitor. Yet, in dream symbolism, a dog represents FIDELITY. OBEDIENCE. AND PROTECTION. Or in this case a DISOBEDIENT FILTHY ANIMAL. It was a male intruding dog.

Some other dream analysis from 1930s dream analysis indicated that if you dream of a “bad dog” (e.g., an intruder dog) can indicate that you have some type of inner conflict. It could be that, you have made a decision that is not aligned with your “moral values.” This could be an indexical sign that points to me avoiding phone calls from my psychiatrist and the facility that wants me to follow up with a distortion upon my mental health care diagnosis. Oaks Integrated! Is this supposed to indicate to me that I have entered a time that I should “step back and look at my action in order to re-align my values and try and make peace with ‘my conflicted self.’” ONLY if I’m interested in following mainstream conditioning practices of male patriarchy!! In this analysis, the dog would seem to be an indexical sign pointing toward “MY DISOBEDIENCE!!!” My disobedience towards a mental health care system and my right to say NO to “mental tweaking.” It’s so fucked up! I WISH THE FACILITY WOULD STOP CALLING ME ALREADY!

I prefer the Scooby-Doo analysis simply because the other one, the “bad dog intruder” analysis which seems to indicate I’m violating my own basic values is too fucked up to fathom! Here’s why:

It has to do with manipulation. By placing the symbolism (or INDEXICAL SIGN) back on me, my bully gets away with murder. My Bully, by making me self-doubt my choice to say “No,” bullies me into submission. Bullies don’t care about writers' opinions and I write about my experience with electronic targeted physical assaults, gang stalking, and psychotronic torture within the mental healthcare system. What do mental health care practitioners care about? They care about “treating people.” They care about writers “shutting up.”

Bullies attack the mental health of the individual by toying with their doubts and forcing people to “shut down” so we quit altogether. Bullies play dirty, like a DOG! Bullies are abusers, like a junk yard DOG. A bully can be represented as a “DOG” in dream symbolism. So once they’ve got you all twisted and mentally confused inside, they attack you because you are vulnerable and this makes it easier for them to complete their agenda of predation.

When you are faced with people being rude, the best avenue of success is to defuse the rude behavior with “a look of dissatisfaction” or “provide an alternative avenue of discussion” like walking away or standing up for yourself by not engaging in the conversation. But be careful to never blow up because this can get you institutionalized.

However, when you are consistently, repetitively, and habitually harassed and physically assaulted with electronic physical assaults and psychotronic torture this slowly corrodes at one’s ability to respond quickly and act more competently and this is how bullies operate and WIN! This is the new-age form of crime in de novo (happening again and happening a new). This is the “oppressive form psychiatric treatment has taken.” The panopticon of surveillance and “mental health treatments.”

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