My Exercise Routine and Targeted Electronic Physical Assaults

Anyone who knows me, knows I workout in my own home. But there maybe something, those who know me, don’t know. I’ve been electronically targeted with electronic physical assaults for a quite a few years now.

Recently, I tried to resume my early morning workouts at 4:00 AM but I’m greeted with wireless, electronic convulsive shock to my brain. If you think that I have a creative imagination and think that I’m making this up, you obviously have never met a psychopath who can change his demeanor in the flash of a moment. Or you are so.eone who believes real evil just doesn’t exist in this world. Stop lying to yourself before it happens to you.

These wireless electronic physical assaults are designed to hobble the individual target. They are designed to slowly destroy you. Targeted Individuals know these assaults as the Lesser Tradition of Specialized Torture and it is happening to people all over the world. They are part of a barbaric history known to man who utilized these methods during wartime. Although they are not exclusively used by military, people who find themselves tortured are dealing with a psychopath. I believe my torture may be tied to police brutality.

I started studying psychoanalysis because I was interested in the truth behind gang stalking with targeted electronic physical assaults. What I discovered about gang stalking is this. One, targeted individuals are being pulled into a game. A game the master of ceremonies wants you to engage in. Second, I discovered the reason for the targeting is due to some conflict or difference. The targeted individual has been selected because they have been deemed “less valuable.” This happens all the time in policing with black men and women. Society is chock full of people’s differences. Third, the electronic physical assaults are designed to slowly destroy you. That is, the master of ceremonies wants to control you individually and take charge of your life and death. My father was being targeted and he ended up in hospice taking his own life.

The only way to address this problem is by telling your story. Your story will shed light on the real facts and not some obscure phenomenon people try to gaslight you with by telling you to “get your tin foil hat.” Gang stalking is done by some pretty ruthless people and it’s a REAL phenomenon, not just something made up imagined or hallucinated. I’m here to tell you to BELIEVE!



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Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X