Native American Indian Confinement, The Targeted Individual Experience, and Its Connection To The Origin of Satan

Karen Barna
4 min readSep 11, 2023


There are common themes that run throughout the course of history and the human archive like the Jews' persecution of Christians during the 33 -325 AD, the Christians' confinement and torture of Jews during the Inquisition in 1480 AD, the African slave trade by English white settlers in 1526 AD, the Native American Indians' confinement by the Americans in the late 1880s, the German Holocaust of WWII that spand the yeas 1933–1945, and the continued prevalence of femicide that is still ongoing within American culture with the recent capture of the Gilgo Beach Killer on Long Island and the disappearance of many Native American women, just to name a few.

In modern day history we have the phenomenon of the Targeted Individual which is equivalent to an inquisition or a genocide, in my opinion, because torture and death have coincided with it. In all the cases and events that can be associated with the unfair, inhumane treatment of others, like the ones previously mentioned above, there exists a profound lack of humility and mutual respect for 'OTHER’ by the perpetrators of the violence. That is to say, an indifference towards a diversity that could and would otherwise enrich us as a whole. The men guilty of these hostile takeovers throughout the course of history are men truly mentally ill and lacking in human decency, respect, and reason, for the possibility of cultural enrichment by the inclusion of different groups that would benefit us. In each of the above historic events and cases, all the victims were targets, tortured, and stripped of their human rights.


At the core of what is causing the phenomenon of the Targeted Individual is the concept of the 'DEVIL' or 'THE SATAN' conceptualized in Christian theology and the Bible as a man-beast with horns. Again, we see the human proclivity to associate bestial qualities with DIFFERENCE. The origins of Satan are the origins of cultural difference. Bigotry and racism’s basic elements are fundamental:

-Disrespect for the cultural differences of others

-A lack of humility by the perpetrators seeking to harm another along with the observed quality of supremacy

-Lack of respect for another’s way of being that is most likely perceived as “culturally unrefined"

“If we can begin to realize that our differences enrich us. If we can learn to humbly respect those differences … then diversity is something good. Otherwise, diversity is the walls that separate us.” ~A Christian Priest for a Native American Indian Tribe

Fundamentally it has to do with Identity; whether you are a woman, a man, a Jew, a Christian, a Native American Indian, a white English settler, handicapped, mentally ill, or something else. To start, let’s look at the targeting of the Native American Indians. In the late 1860, the federal government took the children from Native American Indian tribes and began confining them to boarding schools to be GROOMED AND ASSIMILATED, TORTURED AND BROKEN so as to “fit” into white English culture, we see the inhumane brutality of denying parents the right to be present and part of their child’s upbringing. Not only were these children traumatized by the removal but they were physically beaten if they spoke their native language out loud. Ultimately, poverty would play a major role in future reservation life which also invites the presence of violence and substance abuse. Domestic violence, sexual assault, exploitation and sex trafficking of young girls and women, substance abuse, and femicide are common themes in reservation life.

Another common theme in reservation life is NEPOTISM. Only those who take part in leadership roles benefit with extra perks and financial benefits which is also passed on to the leader’s family instead of the entire reservation community as a whole.

In 1860, the reason for american violence against these Indian children was the human proclivity to associate bestial qualities with DIFFERENCE. Native American Indians were perceived as “wild unrefined animals” lacking the cultural enrichments of proper dress attire, formal schooling, and a perceived lack in a higher capacity for proper language. But what is “proper”? Certainly, the beatings the white man did to these poor children could not be considered proper! How is any form of abuse “proper language"?

It is the same for the phenomenon of the Targeted Individual suffering electronic wireless assault torture! How could this torture be considered PROPER LANGUAGE OR EVEN PROPER TREATMENT?

Another problem for modern day American Indian Tribes is the fact they have become institutionalized by the guidance of the federal government with its grants and services; formation of bureaucracy. Thereby, creating a dependency by the Native Americans upon institutions that are backed by big corporations. I have previously argued the development of federally funded affordable health insurance and health care in essence created a GATEWAY to the Targeted Individual Experience and in particular dental, mental health, operating room, and in-patient hospital services. These services also have associations with experimental treatments, and employ a lot of female healthcare workers of which 39% of female serial killers work as nurses or in career related fields of medicine. There is definitely a conspiracy happening within the phenomenon of the Targeted Individual population.



Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X