Neuralink Exposes Some Company Secrets: Lists Barrow Neurological Institute as partner in research study

Karen Barna
4 min readApr 19, 2024


The human brain operates on two signatures. One is chemical. The other electrical.

I find it perplexing, and rather disturbing, that in the same historical era of Elon Musk’s groundbreaking Neuralink brain computer interface technology (BCI), we also have the phenomenon of Havana Syndrome and the Targeted Individual experience. Both these phenomena experiment with the brain and its side effects. Some of the side effects of Havana Syndrome are dizziness and disorientation which mimics neurological problems. A Stanford University Professor, Dr. David Relman, concluded that the injuries caused by Havana Syndrome were injuries sustained to the vistibula part of the brain; the part that translates auditory information into language the brain can understand from within the inner ear. (Please see my post “Havana Syndrome Linked To Foreign Russian Nationals Sources Say”

In the Targeted Individual experience people complain about inner ear problems that are diagnosed as “tinnitus.” One can only assume Elon Musk’s monkeys suffered similar side effects as a result of monkey brain manipulations in the lack of decisive knowledge about how brain computer interfaces work in living biological systems.

Equally disturbing is the fact Neuralink has not published any “peer-reviewed” papers outlining the methods used in both animal and human trial research. Equally disturbing is the fact his BCI clinical trials are not listed on ( Equally disturbing is the platform from which both, the effects of Havana Syndrome, BCI technology as well as technologies causing the “Targeted Individual” experience are operating from; wireless electromagnetic frequency technology!

All of this secrecy and mystery reminds me of the Netflix docuseries, “Bad Surgeon: Love Under The Knife.” The docuseries is a crude reminder of how important animal trial research is before new medical technologies should be carried out on human populations and how important it is to have over sight of human clinical trials to protect the innocent victims from psychopathic predation. People die from unethical medical professionals operating in self-interest and greed and who circumvent proper lines of over sight and conduct. Equally important are the peer-reviewed papers that document and support such medical advancements with research information giving testimonial to its effectiveness or lack thereof.

Yet another point equally disturbing is my request to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and my real concern following the 60 Minutes episode of the targeting of Americans and the fear the American population may be under assault from Russian foreign nationals in the phenomenon known as “Targeted Individuals” as well as the targeting of government intelligence officials and their families. I asked the CDC, IF they were interested in reducing chemical weapons, the effects of gun violence as an American epidemic, and environmental safety of our waters and land, why are they not concerned about the misuse of electromagnetic frequency weapons in American airspace? Weapons that possibly pose a real danger to American health? They responded with a mechanical response that said:

“The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and “other federal agencies” do not consider electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) a proven health hazard. Studies have shown that some workers exposed to high magnetic fields have an increased rate of cancer. But such associations do not necessarily show that EMF exposure causes cancer.”

They then provided me with several online links to journal articles supporting their statement. It appears there may be collusion within the government or a real fear from government officials in confronting the “powers that be.”

Neuralink has created a bit of a brochure for itself on its website ( outlining the nature and methods to human BCI. It also announced a “Patient Registry” on which people suffering quadriplegia can enter their name onto the experimental research study’s list. They will have to be “evaluated” for “fitness for the study.” And currently there are no peer-reviewed animal research studies available for the public to evaluate regarding BCI.

The research institute Neuralink has selected as its partner in the BCI research is the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. They perform approximately 6,000 brain surgeries a year and are well equipped to handle the needs of patients suffering from brain injuries.

Telemetry is the science and technology of automatic measurement and transmission of data by wire, radio or other means from remote sources for recording and analysis.

Telepathy is the supposed process of exchange between two or more through other means than the senses for the purpose of communicating thoughts.

It appears our current era is not only the age of silicon but it is also the age of telemetry and telepathy in human brain machine technologies in the age of Artificial Human Intelligence (AHI).


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