Psychological Abuse in the Context of Mind Control, Targeted Individuals, Electronic Harassment, Grooming, Cyberstalking and Gangstalking

Psychological abuse encompasses a range of nonphysical acts meant to put down, dominate, or control another person. Distinctions have been made between more common aspects of psychological abuse, such as verbal aggression (e.g., yelling and swearing), and more severe forms of manipulation and intimidation (e.g., degrading, humiliation, threatening, behavior, and isolation from others; Johnson 1995). Today, a new type of partner abuse is emerging referred to as cyber abuse, cyber/electronic aggression, or digital dating abuse (DDA) (Associated Press and Music Television 2009; Schnurr et al. 2013). We will use the term cyber partner abuse to refer to abuse using technology, including text messages, social media, and other electronics, to perpetrate psychological abuse against one’s partner (Zweig et al. 2013). As technology becomes more integrated into romantic relationships, so does the opportunity for abuse. Although cyber abuse shares many characteristics with traditional psychological abuse, they are not the same. Cyber partner abuse has unique features that qualify it as a distinctive set of psychological abuse. … understanding how specific behaviors of cyber partner abuse can be understood in terms of traditional psychological abuse. (1)

What is Psychological Abuse?

Psychological abuse is fairly common. It has been reported by 80–90% of individuals who at least at one time experienced belittling, monitoring whereabouts through surveillance, threats to cause harm and induce fear, use of implied threat to dispel a particular response, and purposeful public humiliation. The scope and purpose of this type of abuse is for immediate effect. Rather than long-term compromise in which the individual puts effort into persuading via civil dialogue and argument, in a loving way their wishes and hoped-for agendas. The use of consistent and routine psychological abuse is used in order for the “controller” to get what he wants and to remind the victim of his sovereignty. (1)

The focus of psychological abuse is to exert controlling dominance over an intimate partner. Perpetrators are defined as “controlling partners,” and defines psychological abuse as a pattern of mental abuse or coercive control that one person exercises over another in order to dominate to get his/her way. (8)

A Piece of Your Mind

“Mind control is a form of psychological abuse and coercive control by a controller.“

“Coercion is completely antithetical to the respect for persons.”

Between 1955 and 1960, the CIA conducted a mind control and brainwashing program with the code name “MKULTRA” using psychoactive drugs such as LSD and mescaline at 80 institutions on hundreds of test subjects. MKULTRA was started on the order of CIA director Allen Dulles on April 13, 1953, largely in response to alleged Soviet, Chinese, and North Korean use of mind-control techniques on U.S. prisoners of war in Korea. The CIA wanted to use similar methods on their own captives and possibly to manipulate foreign leaders with such techniques. (2)

The project was run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence under the direction of Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, a psychiatrist, and chemist. Prior to MKULTRA, a number of secret US governmental studies had been conducted to study mind control, interrogation, behavior modification, and related topics including Project CHATTER in 1947, and Project BLUEBIRD, and Project ARTICHOKE in 1951. Because most MKULTRA records were deliberately destroyed in 1973 by the order of then CIA Director Richard Helms, it is difficult if not impossible to have a complete understanding of the more than 150 individually funded research sub-projects sponsored by MKULTRA and related CIA programs. The Agency invested millions of dollars into studies probing dozens of methods of influencing and controlling the mind by chemical, biological and radiological means (Radio Frequency or RF). (2)

As Mr. Spock said in Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, “The good of the many outweighs the good of the few — or the one.” This excuse has been used by many doctors accused of unethical medical experimentation of fudging on the Informed Consent paperwork. The crux of this argument centers on the fact that although a few people may be damaged or killed during a risky clinical trial or while undergoing an experimental surgical procedure, many will be saved if it works. This mentality has been a driving force behind a great deal of American and International human experimentation. This rationale is quite logical, of course, unless you are one of the “few” or the very unlucky “one”. (2)

How Do We Connect The Dots Between Mind Control, Electronic Targeting, Electronic Harassment, Grooming, Cyberstalking, and Gang Stalking?

Targeted individuals (TIs), and more importantly, mind control, electronically targeted individuals (ETIs), electronically harassed, groomed, cyberstalked, gang-stalked victimization possess a type of Intimate Partner Abuse in that psychological abuse is employed through its use, and for this reason, may be considered a type of cyber partner abuse. I believe these types of violations to be part of criminal social networks aimed at controlling the victim — you have a “handler/controller” and you have a “target.” It possesses elements of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and demonstrates a technology of coercive control; intimidation, manipulation, exploitation, isolation, and fear often employed by gangs and mafias. The same type of aggressive characteristics are employed by both “controlling” men and gangs and mafias.

The phenomenon of mind control targeted individuals (TIs), electronically targeted individuals (ETIs), groomed, cyberstalked, gang-stalked victimization and crime also may be part of a silent area of criminology in which the Experimentation of Human Test Subjects are being carried out without the proper Informed Consent procedures being covered by the doctors. (2) It could also be the work of networked gangs and mafias utilizing key personnel in doctor’s offices and hospital settings in a criminal orchestration of conspiracy. The use of electronic weapons to “move” or “remove” undesirables from their neighborhood in order to ensure that territory and control of territory. These types of crimes usually employ harassment to settle disputes or maintain dominance in territories by those in power in the neighborhood gang. The use of medical implants, broadcast radio wave stimulation, and real estate acquisitions may be employed to manipulate and exploit victims in an attempt at unfairly leveraging in favor of the criminal/s property rights or territorial rights.

In my case, victimization with electromagnetic frequency signals occurred outside of spoken text/speech, that is it occurred outside the discourse of normal communication. When this happens what we are left with are the symbolic messages of the perpetrator/s or “unsubject/s”; those whose identities are not known because they remain clandestinely well hidden behind a computer screen, cell phone, or some other handheld remote control device. Normal communication allows for a back-and-forth flow of language which can be seen in real-time via our visual field of reference. For example, through video chats, cell phone video conversation (Face Time), social media images, text messages, face-to-face human interaction where tone/script, facial expression, the identity of the person involved in the conversation, and subtle hints of body language can be perceived through the visual field of reference and understood by word selection. These human interactions are received, recorded, and interpreted through not only our digital footprint but our psychic realities as well. This is the avenue through which traditional communication is experienced. However, untraditionally speaking, cyber partner abuse, mind control conspiracies, targeting individuals (TIs) with electronic frequency, grooming, electronic harassment, cyberstalking, and gangstalking can be perpetrated outside the field of visual reference and symbolically communicated through castration fantasies of the perpetrator/s. Thus disruptions in the regular course of daily events of the victim ensue. This is all done through the unseen tethering of broadcast cellular signals and wirelessly controlled implants that are in fact a part of advanced modern technology. The latest glucose monitoring system is interactive with a sensor worn outside the body. The latest glucose monitoring system to employ a sensor that interacts with your cell phone is the FreeStyle Libre system which is capable of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). But sensors or bio-implants can be implanted inside the body and Google Play Services grants Android Systems access to these sensors. The simple truth is technology can be hacked. Delivering MHz to human tissue and body parts is no light subject matter. You have to know what you are doing and convulsive shock therapy is part of extreme experimental medicine that should not be performed through a tethering portable hotspot.

Our cell phones are capable of becoming wireless routers by setting up a tether via portable hotspot broadcasting EMF signals. This allows foreign devices to remotely connect, via the tether, to your cell phone. This can be witnessed, analyzed, and recorded but when electronic shocks or electric stimulation is cast from afar we can only analyze it through the symbolic representation of symbolism. Through the symbolic order. However, available networks in your area can be clandestinely hidden from public view. That is to say, they can be hidden so they do not show up on your “Open Available Networks” computer display settings. So, unbeknownst to the victim, there could be an electronic tether connecting the victim/s to the perpetrator/s. And because there is no cable wire, we can’t make the connection.

We use radiological means every day to connect to the worldwide web, which is filled with invisible onlookers, it can become difficult to understand and analyze the castrating behavior of the perpetrator/s to their victim/s. Simply because it becomes what I have termed “invisible violations” of “untouchable body touching” in very similar terms to that of intimate partner violence, date rape, and sexual assault via means of alcohol abuse and spiked drinks with drugs (3). Except in the case of electromagnetic frequency stimulation you are using EMF as the drug.

The use of broadcast publicized recordings and videos over the airways between transmitters and receivers (TV videos) differs from radio wave broadcasts of voice recordings which lack viewable video (radio transmissions). So the “invisible violations” and the “untouchable body touching” occur through the symbolic order of metaphor rather than actual spoken text/speech/tone/script. When this occurs, it renders victimization to the symbolic realm of the symbolic order thus unfairly leveraging in favor of the omnipotent all-powerful criminals/perpetrators (Gods) who keep score and keep their identities carefully well hidden.

Where We Once Had An “LSD Controversy” There Now Exists An “Electromagnetic Controversy”

The use of electromagnetic frequency on human test subjects (convulsive shock therapy) can be used as a chemical substance. It can induce lethargy, stupor, hallucinations, and fatigue to unfairly leverage the playing field to a perpetrator/s advantage. It can induce a state of dream consciousness where the conscious awareness of the test subject or victim is reduced to such a level as to induce lucid dreaming much like a narcotic. These are hypnotic suggestive states. The government and medical doctors have experienced in the past with LSD and states of Human Unconsciousness. (4)(5) This state is called BPM I. There are four in total: BPM I, BPM II, BPM III, BPM IV. I’ll explain more about this in a minute.

With regard to my own experience with electromagnetic frequency inducing “altered states of consciousness” in 2009, I could not convey through written text or speech, what was actually happening to me. So instead I conveyed it symbolically through surrealism art. This fantasy artwork was of the COUNTERPHOBIC OBJECT known in psychiatry as religion. I’d like to quote from “Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations from LSD research by Stanislav Grof:

“Many of the early papers emphasized the similarities between the LSD-induced Realms of the Human Unconscious“experimental” or “model psychosis” and naturally occurring psychoses, especially schizophrenia. The possibility of simulating schizophrenic symptoms in normal volunteers under laboratory conditions and of conducting complex laboratory tests and investigations before, during, and after this transient “model psychosis” seemed to offer a promising key to the understanding of the most enigmatic disease in psychiatry.”


“With regard to schizophrenic psychoses, feelings of mystical union with a higher god-like power (Jesus or God the Father). Encounters with metaphysical evil forces, karmic experience: hypochondriasis based on strange and bizarre physical sensations: hysterical hallucinosis and confusing day-dreams with reality.”

My induced schizophrenic psychoses with electromagnetic frequency stimulation propelled me to a vision of art. Artwork that represented my belief in religious Hope/Faith in the COUNTERPHOBIC OBJECT known as organized religion. In fact, that metaphor was symbolized by me via a surrealistic artwork, oil on canvas, of what the imaginary of what Hope/Faith feels like in visual representation since I could not articulate it in words. (6) By definition, a COUNTERPHOBIC OBJECT is a focal point represented by an object or a person.

“The idea is that the person will immediately correlate to something that deflects the emotional economy spent on an anxiety episode. Thus, my creative endeavor to try and express what I was experiencing while experiencing increased emf fields drew on my belief and hope in religious faith and revealed itself through surrealistic fantasy artwork of what going through a dimly lit or dark period, of which I was unable to adequately express in speech/text that allowed for me the creative opportunity of how religious faith can get you through that experience. Someone told me it’s a COUNTERPHOBIC representation but I didn’t understand what that meant at the time. It’s a representation of the psychoanalytic term called COUNTERPHOBIC OBJECT (Religious Faith). That is for me, belief in a protective layer of faith and higher power.” (6)

In the type of abuse and trauma I was receiving from tethered electromagnetic frequency stimulation (torture) forced me to retreat to a place in my psychic mind in what psychiatrists called the Basic Perinatal Matrices of BPM I. A place of positive good feeling where all needs are met. The Basic Perinatal Matrices of BPM I is explained below:

“I have been finding Stanislav Grof’s model of perinatal matrices useful with some of my therapy clients. Briefly, this model divides the birth process into four stages, or Basic Perinatal Matrices (BPM I, II, III and IV). The First Matrix (BPM I) is the intrauterine existence, which in its uncomplicated aspects is characterized by only positive feelings of floating, warmth, connectedness, and having all needs met. The Second Matrix (BPM II) begins when the chemistry in the womb changes and strong contractions push against the fetus and interrupt its nourishment. This matrix includes feelings of intense fear, powerlessness, victimization, and often guilt. Because the cervix is not yet dilated, there is no way out, adding a sense of hopelessness. Once the cervix dilates enough to allow movement through the birth canal, the Third Matrix elements of struggle, aggression, giving and receiving pain, and sexual charge begin. Finally, the birth is completed successfully, and (we hope) the infant reconnects with the mother, leading to a state (the Fourth Matrix or BPM IV) that is positive like BPM I, but qualitatively different.” (7)

The use of electromagnetic frequency stimulation to induce hypnotic altered states was previously attempted through doses of LSD in medical research. Since the advancements of electromagnetic frequency stimulation (convulsive shock therapy) and Wi-Fi tethering through biological implants, hypnotic altered states can be achieved void of any chemical substances. So no traces of evidence can be found.

Furthermore, with regard to mind control conspiracies, electronic targeting of individuals (TIs), electronic harassment, grooming, cyberstalking, and gang stalking, the use of broadcast publicized recordings and videos over the airways between transmitters and receivers (TV) differ from radio wave broadcasts of voice recordings only which lack viewable video (Radio). So the “invisible violations” and the “untouchable body touching” occur through the symbolic metaphor of an invisible tether rather than actual spoken text/speech/tone/script of body language. When we are attacked physically our attacker is most likely always part of our visual field of reference. But when victimization is rendered as part of the symbolic order of metaphor, what we perceive is the unfair leveraging of a playing field that favors the criminals/perpetrators who keep their identities carefully concealed.

This article was originally was published on October 6, 2019, over Proclivities’ Principle Wisdom — In man’s unceasing endeavor to manage his affairs and appetites, throughout time with unyielding skill and determination, there are phenomenons and peculiarities to consider. (

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Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X