Stoic Philosophy and the Dichotomy of Control: Linking electronic harassment to the twisted psychology of a sadistic predator

Karen Barna
5 min readOct 24, 2023
Statue of Socrates

In Stoicism, there exists an idea of control known as the Dichotomy of Control. This idea states there are really only two things we have control over, namely our voluntary actions and how we think about things. That is, everything else — such as our bodily sensations, the past, what other people think about us, and the outcome of our actions — is outside our direct control. Therefore the Stoics believe the only thing we should focus on are those things within our control. Sound a little bit like the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Serenity Prayer? Well, it is. THEY ARE an organized group of Trolls simply because they attract the mentally ill. Not that ALL mentally ill people are trolls. Nor are all recovering alcoholics, but some have deep seated issues with hate and anger.

So, how is the Targeted Individuals suffering wireless, invisible electromagnetic frequency signal harassment and torture to their bodies (which is an invasion of privacy as well as a personal boundary violation similar to physical assault and sexual assault) supposed to control anything worth maintaining in their lives for a healthy, beneficial lifestyle? Take for example, exercise? Targeted Individuals cannot. They cannot because the Targeted Individual is degraded, harassed, and humiliated. They cannot because by degrading the Targeted Individuals' ability to control their environment, by welding technological power against the target, the perpetrator succeeds at creating an unhappy and sad conscious living experience for the Targeted Individual. The best way to describe the phenomenon is by comparing it to the emergence of online trolls during the era of the birth of cellphones, GPS, the Internet, the online virtual world. BEWARE: the TROLLS have gathered and are organized! The wireless, invisible electromagnetic frequency targeting and torture is unlawful surveillance and an invasion of privacy by the unlawful disclosure of private information on the targets activities and whereabouts. It also constitutes physical assault AND sexual assault depending on which body areas are being stimulated by the wireless invisible electromagnetic frequency. It’s CRIMINAL!

So, what would be a Stoics answer to the following questions, “How can a Targeted Individual stop there targeting?” and/or “What is a Targeted Individual to do?” would be something along the lines, “if you can’t control the twisted and sick mind of your perpetrator, focus on what you can control.” Which should be, to call the police and have the issue investigated but that doesn’t work. The police will send YOU to a psyche ward to either have you evaluated like some alien conspiracy theorist or for the purpose “to protect you from further harm". And if the hospital don’t want you, you might end up going to jail. It would seem the police can’t do diddly for a Targeted Individual.

I’m reminded of an Australian murder case of Scott Johnson, a gay young man, whose body was found naked and battered at the bottom of a large cliff in North South Wales, Australia. The police ruled his death suicide. It took 30 years and a wealth of money invested in private investigators to bring the truth to light. Scott Johnson was beaten and thrown off a cliff by a man who was neglected and abused as a child. A man who contributed very little to the well-being of others during the 80’s because he was known as a “basher.” A basher, during the 80’s, was someone who goes around bashing gay men because gay men were considered a plague to the social order during an era of the AIDS epidemic.

This brings up another philosophical idea of “using people as a means". This idea isn’t necessarily a bad idea. Professors use their students as a means to explore new ideas and get feedback. However, it can become EVIL. For example, during the Holocaust when Hitler used the entire population of Jews as a means to fortify economic failure of Germany after World War I and to carry out inhumane and unethical human medical experiments. Using people as a means can bring up seriously flawed philosophical ideas of how power should be used against the lower social class in “paid for" medical experiments known as clinical trials. Paying someone who has very little money, $1200 to eat a piece of toxic jet fuel to explore cancer rates somehow seems misguided.

In a world where we have online resources outlining the abuse of technology against weaker victims like, RAINN and websites informing us about ransomware attacks, it’s hard to believe that people actually by into the notion that the Targeted Individuals suffering wireless electromagnetic harassment are “mentally ill” and “hallucinating” their electronic harassment! This seems to be fueling the silencing of corporate voices to announce they’ve been the target of attacks (please see the third link in Resources). It goes the same for the Targeted Individual suffering wireless electromagnetic frequency assaults. They’re afraid to speak up and tell their story out of a fear of being labeled a “freak", “mentally ill” or worse.

I’m also reminded of how democracy doesn’t always work for some societies. A democracy isn’t a cut out pattern that can successfully adhere in any environment. Societies that have hard tribalism steeped into their roots don’t seem to work better with a “fair democracy” put in place. Societies like Iraq where 10–15% of the population ruled the country, the Sunnis. Then, Iraq’s dictator was toppled, and they said, “Okay. Now a fair democracy will now be installed.” They helped set up a democracy and hold elections. They gave power to those who were oppressed, and the oppressed weilded the power to exact revenge on their long time oppressors, the Sunnis. It was a complete shit show! Same outcome for South Africa!

I just want to know. How does torture play into “curing” someone of their “mental illness?” Tough Love IS an oxymoron. There is no “Tough Love”! Tough Love is ABUSE subtlety disguising itself as Love but really, is only a hate crime. It’s just like how the Shia government militia exacted revenge on the Sunnis once they were given power. Someone or persons (an individual or a group of individuals) have been given power over Targeted Individuals and that group or someone IS ABUSING THEM!



Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X