The 5 Vulnerabilities Of Cyber Security That Are Shared With Wireless Electronic Physical Assaults and Psychotronic Torture

I think we need to be very afraid and should take seriously the phenomenon of gang stalking with wireless electronic physical assaults and psychotronic torture as they have been described in the journal research article’s narratives (see Sources). If these assaults are not taken seriously then it holds the very real possibility of dismantling U.S. fair democracy and U.S. constitutional rights through cyber usurpation and invasion.

Electronic torture shares these same five features of vulnerability of the internet and cyber security which are:

(1) Instantaneous Action At A Distance — this aspect eliminates the problem of time and space with executable commands that can be transmitted with relative ease from unknown operators operating from an undisclosed location within seconds.

(2) An Asymetrical Medium — where relative small groups of actors can have disproportionate effects against targets when considering the size, strength, and wealth of the operators against their targets. These small groups' threat level of harm lies in their power of intellect and ability to outsmart their targets which are left on the defensive end of the game.

(3) Anonymity — Difficulties faced with establishing cyber actors identities is a problem of attribution that’s just not comparable to real world physical attributions like fingerprints, liscence plate numbers, and DNA. Although not impossible to discern, the methods for unveiling cyber actors' identities are time consuming.

(4) Lack of Borders — like the Internet, electronic physical assaults and psychotronic torture operate in an essentially borderless domain because the attacks exist in space similar to how cyber attacks exist in the space of the internet which is invisible to the naked eye. Additionally, there is no monitoring of these types of assaults as traffic crosses physical boundaries making it a very pleasing medium for criminal conspirators to utilize.

(5) Lack of Distinction- The language of the Internet all looks the same. Lines of text are translated into 1s and 0s making it virtually impossible to tell the difference between a commercial transaction, an act of espionage, or a potential threat of intrusion. Gang stalking with wireless electronic physical assaults and psychotronic torture possess the same potential level of threat in that a person’s body can be manipulated wirelessly, from a distance, to make that person believe they are experiencing a “real” physical or psychological emergency. When in fact, it is being criminally orchestrated. Like computers, the brain too operates on electrical signalling. For example, psychotronic torture can induce disorientation, dizziness, confusion, and lower an individuals conscious level of awarenes thereby making a person believe their symptoms are biologically driven when in actuality they are being artifically created. Think of the potential power an operator of these crimes would have over their enemy during times of warfare. Another term for this phenomenon might be called “electronic grooming” and the micromanagement or human bodies through cyber space manipulation and intrusion.

Robotic Networks

In the parlance of cyber security there is something known as “robot networks”. Robotic networks are an amalgamation of different computers with one controller computer that controls the fleet. The amalgamation of different computers are called “zombie” computers because the brain of these computers have been compromised through the hijacking by a controller computer by a cyber actor or group of cyber actors.

The controlling computer is called a “botnet herder”. Zombie computers have to be infected with a piece of malware. Once installed, the piece of malware “phones home” to the botnet herder and their new “head master.” Then, when these zombie computers are connected to the internet, they send out a signal to the botnet herder to alert it they are now connected and “awake” for instruction. Often times there is no instructions given, so the malware does nothing until its next scheduled “check-in”. But sometimes, the botnet herder control program sends out instructions that might say, “At precisely noon GMT on July 4 try to connect to”

How do these botnet herders infect a bunch of computers with a piece of malware? They do this by using a spider or web crawler whose job is to collect email addresses so the cyber criminal(s) can send spam to unsuspecting recipients, attaching the piece of malware to the email. Once opened the computer becomes infected.


GhostNet was a piece of malware found in march 2009 in the computers operated in the offices of the Dali Lama. Malware was hidden in the email of a trusted source the offices of the Dali Lama were familiar and comfortable with. It contained a real document. Acting remotely, the controller could manipulate the computers in the Dali Lama’s offices and exploit their computers. It gave the cyber operators remote access to sensitive information like passwords. It also gave the cyber operators remote access so they could turn on the microphone and listen to what was being said in the privacy of these offices as well as turn on the cameras remotely and surveil the offices, and the victims, under surreptitious cyber intrusion. The bad guys could hear and see anything that was happening within the range of the computers. Who was responsible for this cyber intrusion? The trail ended in China, on an island off the coast of the main land which housed the “People’s Liberation Army’s Signal Intelligence Organization.”

GhostNet took over a year of forensic investigative work to ascertain with any level of certainty the identification of the perpetrators.

Advancing New Technologies

In order for an individual to be “hijacked”, so to speak, like a computer over the internet, they would have to be “infected with a piece of “malware” at some access point in real time. In the case of human beings, they would have to be biologically implanted with some type of device capable of receiving, even sending, transmission signals (electronic radio signals).

Think for a moment, about the purpose for malicious cyber attacks. There are four purposes for attack: to Disable, to Disrupt, to Degrade, and to Destroy. We need, no, we must take the phenomenon of Gang Stalking with wireless electronic targeted physical assaults and psychotronic torture seriously. We have entered a new age of cyber warfare and one were individual soldiers may be used as sleeping drones for the purpose to support the enemy in their attack using the opposing force’s own soldiers to do just that. Think of the Manchurian Candidate and how individual minds can be usurped using advanced technology.

On an individual level, people’s bodies and minds can be hijacked by cyber actor(s) for the purpose of fulfilling a malign goal, say to steal money, to use female bodies for sex, to steal important information whether intellectual property or for espionage.

GPS Signal Spoofing

A group of researchers at the University of Texas at Austin Radio Navigation Laboratory demonstrated how an unmanned aerial vehicle could be hijacked by an individual. The onboard GPS with $1,000 in parts was tricked by the researchers so a rogue operator could harness control of the drone. This possibility poses a significant level of threat to the U.S. military operating drones in foreign countries. These drones could potentially be hijacked by rogue forces and be used in a terrorist attack like 9/11.

Like ransomware attacks, an individual may be forced to pay money to the cyber actor. In the case of the Manchurian Candidate, the individual will be required to pay allegiance to the controller by doing his or her biding.

Additionally, the data on cyber crime is unsatisfactory because there is no real estimate on how much money is lost as a result of cyber crime. The data varies from source to source, but the highest estimate so far is one trillion dollars.

Electronic Sources:



I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X

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Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X