The Boundary Violations in Lying, Prostitution, Transvestite, Homosexual, Transgender, and Call Escorts: A Philosophical Discussion

The Femme Called: Christina Ioana, London UK, Cross-Dresser.

Lying is a boundary violation. It is a boundary violation because lies represent falsehoods and impostors. Falsehoods and impostors are not rooted in reality nor are they rooted in truth. Fantasy defies the boundary of truth and as such makes “fantasy” and “phantasy” rooted in non-truth or non-reality which is positioned in any philosophical debate as a boundary outside the realm of reality. Prostitution is considered a lie and may also represent a violation of traditional civil law on which this American democracy was first established, or at least represent as such by those who choose to defend the traditional nuclear family and traditional marriage arrangement belonging to one man and one woman. But most recently the pseudologia fantastica I have had to deal with involves the stealing of my prescription medications. Specifically, my high blood pressure medication and my Docolax stool softener which some may find rather comical.

All boundary violations represent a form of violence, and, as we know, violence begets violence, or at least that’s how the cliché goes.

Because Falsehoods such as prostitutes, homosexuals, transvestites, transgender, escort services which are tied to “feigned dates,” represent themselves as groups to the public perceived as “boundary violation” rooted in nonphysical violence. These groups make up what has been categorized as “perversions.” Perversion because they pervert reality and distort the truth. Since philosophy deals in truth, and the truth isn’t always easily ascertained. I’d like to direct this discussion to why these particular groups are targeted with violence. Being a woman, I have been called a “whore” and a “prostitute.” That is to say, this is not a statement that supports or condones violence against these groups, in any form. We have civil rights laws and violence is not accepted as part of our democracy except in a few extreme cases like the death penalty. After all, we have “evolved?” Part of our culture is enrichment and diversity. We value difference and have come to recognize different lifestyle choices these choices are not overtly violent, but they do attract overt violence from others. And included in this group are the charlatan liars who entice people into a web of deception not necessarily rooted in sexual intercourse but may be closely associated with it in psychoanalysis.

There is something called pseudologia fantastica or pathological lying. These individuals tell tales, stories that are not true to bolster their image that others perceive and regard as “genuine.” One might say part of the reason behind feminine longings (cross-dressing) and transgender issues has to do with this pseudologia fantastica. In fact, one transgender case involved a paramount element of pseudologia fantastica because the mother rejected the father, and this transgender individual was biologically born male. Because of this, he developed feminine longings to be a female because his perception was this change would make him “valuable” in his mother’s eyes as she despised the father. It is also important to note that all people found within these groups aren’t violent predators. We all possess fantasies and phantasies that help us alleviate stress.

However, with that said, all boundary violations, as do all perversions, have to do with the tearing down of boundaries. That is, the tearing down between the lines that separate and delineate us as individuals. Sade is the root word derived from the word sadism. The Marquis de Sade wrote literature depicting the tearing down of such boundaries in the form of cross-dressing and inappropriate sexual relations with children and was of the mindset that a man should be allowed to “fuck his mother if he wanted to, and to hell with the creator God’s wishes.” This is not a quote directly attributed to Sade but is placed in quotations according to how Sade liked to communicate sometimes in his literature and regarding his opinion toward God Almighty and his “oppressive laws” which governed human behavior. Sade’s stories were novels and stage plays, thought up in Sade’s creative mind, that told erotically outlandish stories where men dressed like women, women dressed like men, and all lines that separated us through gender, age, and relation were obliterated. In this way, he assumed the role of the creator in a god-like miniacale fantasy.

Traditional thinking was that perverts such as prostitutes, cross-dressers, transvestites, homosexuals, transgender, pathological liars are brought up in the roots of ignorance and violence. This is close to the truth but there are other elements to consider such as the creative intelligence of the child, perceptions of the child, learning disabilities, poverty, and other social disadvantages like being born male when one’s mother hated the very man whose genealogical seed you came from, as in the case I stated above. At least, this has been my personal experience with perversions as I have come to know them. Some type of disadvantage, real or perceived, plays an integral role in the outcome and development of every individual perversion.

In the latest form of perverse schema that has developed, at least in America, is the phenomenon of the Targeted Individual (T.I.s). That is to say, the targeted individuals who are suffering from electronic targeted physical assaults and psychotronic torture. This act of perversion is one where a group of precarious and abandoned people, some of whom have been labeled “mentally ill,” are being further tortured by clandestine weaponry called electronic assaults (EAs) and psychotronic torture.

The latest push in advancing technology has been in electronic brain stimulation or (eSTIM) and one cannot dismiss the extension of health insurance to those who were previously not covered by any insurance. Some of the latest therapies are Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) which is considered non-invasive meaning it does not disrupt human tissue through the cutting or “breaking through the skin.” However, it is my opinion, those who have become T.I.s may have been implanted previously through root canal surgery or in some other way, say, during a hospital stay. Even the Department of Defense has been using electronic brain stimulation on their military personal to defend against fatigue.

This phenomenon is the latest addition to what have previously been cases of spontaneous combustion, cattle mutilations, crop circles, and alien abductions. We now have the phenomenon of the T.I.

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is a means of transcranial direct stimulation that is done in a hospital setting through electrodes placed on the skin. I have yet to read research papers that inform the public about a form of ECT where wireless signals are sent, through telemetry, to implants that have been placed inside the victim’s body through a previous invasive surgical procedure as they walk about in the public sphere. Possibly say, root canal surgery or by a regular surgeon. Yet, in the psychiatric holding area at Captial Health Systems at Fuld people are suffering from, what I have come to call, a “tucking away.” I use the term “tucking away” because in the major motion film Haunting of Bly Manor, every time a “spirit” (ghost) took over a living body, the person the body belonged to, got “tucked away.” You might imagine the 1970s major motion film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” In the meaning of my term “tucking away,” the term is used where the consciousness of the person gets cast aside while another “spirit” takes it over. In the movie, the Haunting of Bly Manor, the “tucking away” made the person who owned the body unconscious as if they were asleep, so when things transpired as the spirit walked and talked in human form, the consciousness of the person who owned the body could not remember as if they had been asleep. And the lowered level of conscious behavior (as in sleep) is exactly what this technological phenomenon accomplishes. At least, as I have experienced it. It accomplishes a form of “tucking away” of alert conscious behavior. As the other person who is in charge of your consciousness level of awareness. As a result, you become sedated, sleepy, unable to defend yourself as if you are a vicious predator that must be defanged and declawed. As a result, you are open to victimization by others.

Particular to my case, is the element of pseudologia fantastica because I am not the one who is “violent” or possesses violent behavioral issues, except that is what is being claimed. I am the victim of repetitive physical assault, sexual assault, and torture. Am I “the threat.” The violence I have endured comes in the form of a boundary violation from the liar. Pseudologia Fantastica. I’m the patient manipulated by a pathological liar who wants to control and manage me through gaslight and a theatrical stage seduction of pseudologia fantastica. A trick of an eye illusion. Why? Because women are frequently cast as “whores” and “prostitutes.” A lesson in art history and the events from the fin de siècle culture will uncover these “unruly”, “wonton”, “crafty insatiable sexual female beasts” who cannot be tamed. And all of these delusional fantasies are based upon pre-oedipal maternal aggression and fear of paternal castration.

“Phenomenology of Spirit” was written by George Wilhelm Hegel and most aptly illustrates subjugation of a subject through phenomenology, specifically this type of phenomenology.

In summary, Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit Hegel starts at the lowest levels of human consciousness and works dialectically to the level at which the human mind attains the absolute point of view and becomes a vehicle of infinite self-conscious Spirit. The connections between one level and the next are often very loose, logically speaking. It would appear, it is also too easily modulated through clandestine harnessed control by an outside operator through technological means.

The question becomes: “Who has entitlement over a person’s sexual rights?”

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