The Different Perspectives On Magnanimity After Wars: Insights to group stalking with electromagnetic assaults and torture and the attack on Pearl Harbor

As I have stated before, I believe the reason for group stalking with electronic targeted physical assaults and psychotronic torture is because the targeted individual has entered some type of conflict or disagreement with the perpetrator of the stalking. The following paragraph was written by Steven J. Brams in Game Theory and the Humanities: Bridging Two Worlds:

“A dilemma facing every victor is an interstate war is how to treat the vanquished opponent when hostilities end. Should the victor strive for a postwar settlement that addresses at least some of the grievances of the vanquished, or should it implement a new status quo that does not acknowledge these grievances? Magnanimity may quell the desire of the vanquished for revenge, but non-magnanimity may prevent the vanquished from acquiring the means to mount further challenges.”

Indeed, wars are fought over the preferred political order, as we see in the Russia-Ukrainian outbreak that has killed so many in recent news. The vanquished position in this order of events cannot be ignored. Similarly, the victims of group (gang) stalking with electronic harassment and torture, their position cannot, must not, be ignored either. Indeed, the purpose of this type of stalking is to destabilize the target similar to the de-stablization of enemy targets during times of warfare. Several scholars of international relations have analyzed the vanquished’s role in the postwar stability of a system. Indeed, restoring stability to a postwar system requires magnanimity toward the vanquished opponent by the defenders of the status quo. By focusing on two-state conflicts, evidence that “prudence in victory” is more stabilizing than punitive behavior by the victor, because the latter strategy produces a desire for revenge on the part of the vanquished. Indeed, we have witnessed the claims by individuals, who claim they are electronic targets, acts of mass random gun violence. A key difference is in the statistical evidence that perpetrators tend to be mostly men who seek to vindicate their egos because they have been humiliated by a male opponent. Women don’t typically seek revenge with overt bloody violence. In fact, when women do kill, it is their children whom they target.

In contrast, advancing a “peace by empire” argument, claiming that postwar stability is better served by a total subjugation of the opponent, which robs it of the means, and hence the opportunity, to initiate further conflicts. In warfare, reasons and goals are two totally different elements. I may have, or may have not have, mentioned previously the goal and reason for the attack on Pearl Harbor were two totally different elements in the naval pacific theatre. The goal of the Pearl harbor attack was to prevent the US Pacific Fleet from interference with their plans to advance militarily on territory belonging to Britain, the Netherlands, and the United States in the pacific theatre. It’s goal was to weaken the resolve and the spirit of the U.S. citizen, military officer, and its political leaders. The reason for the attack was to further the Japanese’s goal of acquiring vital resources so that the Japanese economy could thrive. The attack on Pearl Harbor was also in protest to the embargos placed upon them by the US which opposed the Japanese invasion of China. Their goal was accomplished on December 7, 1942 when several U.S. naval ships were sunk in the harbor and destroyed by a barrage of Japanese fighter planes. As it stands, it was one of the most decisive naval war victories in history.

In comparing electronic torture to the goal and reason for war, we come to conclude group (gang) stalking with electronic harassment and electronic torture is to weaken the spirit and the resolve of individuals who are being targeted by the stalking. Through the technique of slow and consistent torture, it wears down its victims. This is known as the Lesser Technique of Specialized Torture. That is its goal. But what of the reason? The reason can be summarized as a “declaration of war” against a perceived enemy target by a veiled and clandestine predator. But what are the roots of its conflict? The individual possess something they want and/or the individuals is “in the way” of their goal. It could also be you possess a resource, an attribution, a commodity they want or they don’t like. Conflict is sometimes perceived as abuse. Personal difference is sometimes seen as “conflict”. This is at the heart of basic object relations theory.

Perhaps you are dealing with a narcissist, and it just so happened that the target warned others about the perpetrators narcissistic behavior. This is the ultimate betrayal, calling out the narcissist for who and what they represent. In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Jade Fox was Jen Yu’s mentor. But Jen Yu out grew her mentor and became a much stronger fiercer warrior. Because Jade Fox lacked the ability to comprehend the training manual and only understood the diagrams and not the text, she was limited in her capacity to reach her fuller potential. So Jen Yu kept the knowledge of the training manual hidden from Jade Fox in order to spare her feelings. For even if she conveyed the martial art knowledge to Jade Fox, it was likely she would not comprehend it as some people’s minds are closed or cut off. This news enraged Jade Fox and the friend and sister she knew in Jen Yu now became her greatest enemy. Jade Fox’s only desire from that point forward was to kill Jen Yu. This is what group (gang) stalking with electronic harassment and electronic torture represents on the theatre stage of war. It can be analyzed using theories postulated in game theory.

Indeed, the bullshit found in the game of group (gang) stalking with electronic harassment and electronic torture, that is to say the phenomenological narrative, is the excuse that the person is “alcoholic” or “mentally ill”. But why would you systematically torture someone who is “alcoholic” or “mentally ill” if you are not victim blaming? This victim blaming ideology parades in the face of “values” and “virtues” claiming to be those two very things, but, in actuality, is one of the most sinister aspect of warfare creating a “good us” and “bad them” narrative. The point is, you cannot declare a state of war in civilized society without a court of law. The victim blaming narrative predominantly used in the phenomenology of the crime only registers in the court of public opinion. In fact, the narrative and phenomenology is very similar to the sexual hegemony found in heterosexual domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and inter-partner/inter-friendship conflict. Since the power to dominant the victim registers in the invisible realm of a paranoid schizoid personality constellation, which can also be called the symbolic imaginary realm, it requires the advance skill of reading silence and denial of women in the historical context as well as other vulnerable minority groups. Unfortunately, the State reproduces and recapitulates the abuse inflicted onto the victim in domestic assault cases and rape cases.

To reiterate the point I am trying to put forth, the American Naval Pacific Fleet present in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1942 presented a threat to the Japanese’s military campaign of acquiring land territory resources because Japan, at that time, had very little in the way of territorial resources. There message to the American Naval Pacific Fleet was, indeed, was “get out of our way.”

It is a certain type of individual who engages in acts of terrorism and torture. In fact, women do not typically engage in acts of terrorism or torture. When they do, it is in very small numbers. When women do kill, they tend to kill their children at very young ages. The method they employ to carry out these killings are passive-aggressive in nature. That is, they kill their young children via drowning, strangulation, smothering, or poisoning. Men also carryout killing by these methods as well but are more prone to use covert violence such as guns and knives as weapons against their targets.




Victim of gang stalking & electronic torture. I write about feminism and gender difference. Email:

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Karen Barna

Karen Barna

Victim of gang stalking & electronic torture. I write about feminism and gender difference. Email:

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