The very industrialized complex; that is, the military industrialized complex, is the complex that would promote the very tools utilized by those who gang stalk targets because the military is also in the practice of gang stalking targets.

Our government has not only helped to create a niche for service security surveillance tools but has also helped universities and various companies develop them. These much needed tools like the internet and GPS, in order to successfully carry out war. Our government has created a market niche economy for buying and selling service security tools for surveillance, monitoring, checking in, and tracking their targets with hi-tech gadgetry, like GPS, the Internet, and software for successful field operations.

The phenomenon of group (gang) stalking has a fraction of these cases in which the perpetrators actually surveil their victims through such technologies. Most do not end fatally but a few have had adverse outcomes. The United States Department of Justice, United States Attorney Bulletin; entitled Cyber Misbehavior, volume 64, number 3, dated May 2016, details the case United States vs Matusiewicz in which a husband stalked and killed his wife with GPS technologies.

For years the government has carried out radiological studies in order to advance our understanding of science and to develop technologies and medicine to promote the survival of mankind. This is utilitarianism. The narrative found in the phenomenon of group (gang) stalking with electronic targeted physical assaults and psychotronic torture state this fact in some of the cases analyzed. Additionally, some cases of group (gang) stalking involve active or retired policemen.

Additionally, the United States has carried out inhumane and unethical medical experiments on prison inmates. At least two of these Nazi like experiments the U.S. carried out were cited AS A DEFENSE by the Nazis during the Nuremberg trials.

Historically, the medical industry has also used black females and males in unethical and inhumane medical experiments in one of the greatest conspiracies of US medical history, the Alabama Syphilis Experiment, also known as the Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male. Not only has the history of US medical procedures reflected the psychic splitting against black men and women, but there has been a tendency to devalue prison inmates, pregnant women, foster children, people of ethnic color, and those struggling with low income by providing paid fees for certain people willing to take part in risky experiments.

No doubt male dominance has contributed to the devaluing of certain groups as dominance has a tendency to size up a person’s worth based on skin color, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and age as children have historically been targets for pederasty, arranged child marriages and female genital mutilation. But I have only named a few character traits that have been historically targeted as the result of extreme narcissism and psychopathy in dominant male culture. I haven’t even mentioned religious inquisitions and witch hunts.




Victim of gang stalking & electronic torture. I write about feminism and gender difference. Email:

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Karen Barna

Karen Barna

Victim of gang stalking & electronic torture. I write about feminism and gender difference. Email:

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