The State and The Production of Abuse

Karen Barna
8 min readJan 13, 2022


When Gang Stalking With Electronic Physical Assaults And Psychotronic Torture Masquerades In The Shadows Of Domestic Abuse

When Differences Arise, Is It Conflict Or Abuse? And Do You Feel Safe When Differences Arise In Your Intimate Relationships?

The above questions get to the heart of a very real compounded problem I currently find myself in. The first question asks if you are just suffering from a difference of opinion between you and a loved one, colleague, or friend. Or, on the other hand, are you suffering from another’s abusive “Power Over” you. The first shouldn’t make you feel unsafe via a threat of possible violence (whatcis normal interpersonal conflict anyway?), as the other possesses the power to obstruct a person’s constitutional rights with very real passive or overt acts of violence (abuse). The second question makes the point of safety. People in healthy relationships feel safe, even when conflict arises. People in unhealthy relationships are often made to fear for their safety and forced to remain silent when the accurate information they provide challenges their loved one’s own self-perceptions and opinions.

What has transpired for me was an event that holds the possibility that important truthful facts may never be brought to light because of the fear of being labeled “mentally ill” and the real clandestine role gang stalking with electronic targeted physical assaults and psychotronic torture plays in manipulating people and events, causing them confusion and pain, and thereby significantly destroying the person’s sense of self as well as their personal relationships.

One of the problems with narcissism is it often perceives difference as discomfort and wrongly labels such differences as “abuse”. All too often, an individual in conflict with another or one with perceived differences, fall victim when harm is overstated and the harm done by that difference is projected and blamed on the victim when really no blame exists or what is being blamed is a displacement of the other’s unresolved feelings surrounding something entirely unrelated and unaddressed.

For me, this meant three whole days of incessant psychotronic torture on December 10th, 11th, and 12th. During those course of events what culminated on December 12th at approximately 7:45–7:50 PM, while I was under the influence of a few alcoholic drinks (was that a coincidence or someone’s intention?) my mother deliberately began screaming for no apparent reason and pounding the dinning room table. When I asked her, “What? What is it?” She screamed “I want the TV!” As I tried to figure out, in my intoxicated state, what she wanted on TV, she refused to give any details. She just adamantly told me she called “Sharon and Rick to come over” and they were coming over. At this point, I felt threatened because this usually implies that she is going to have them “beat me up” because she has entered into what can only be described as a form of psychosis. As, in the past, I have ended up with bruises, scratches, and abrasions on my body from physical assaults caused by them in orchestrated theatrics resulting from my mother’s claims of “abuse”. As the result of feeling threatened, I threw a box of crackers at her, which struck her in her upper right arm where the arm pit & chest meet and not the head, as stated to the police, and fled the scene in fear. A long story short, I was arrested and charged with “Simple Assault with the intent to knowingly cause bodily injury” for throwing a box of crackers at her except there was no injury! She refused medical attention and she took no photos of her supposed “injuries”.

The act of feeling threatened by my mother and throwing the box of crackers could not be construed as “intent to knowingly cause bodily injury” as much as it should be considered a recapitulation of her bullying, most closely resembling “a shove or the pushing away of someone from yourself” who was purposefully hurting you and intending to do you harm.

What might never be analyzed in this particular case, is the effects of three days of incessant gang stalking with electronic physical assaults and psychotronic torture and how those abuses played into these events. That is to say, strong electromagnetic intrusion into my environment and attacks to my body and brain. Cyber security professionals and those people involved in acts of counter-intelligence and espionage will tell you this is the new form “assassination” will take both on a political stage as well as a personal one. The first deployment of a cyber weapon was Stuxnet and allowed for new forms of “assassination” to arrive in the 21st century.

There are a lot of things men do that just aren’t right but deemed necessary like the right to die, a woman’s right to abortion, the death penalty, and killing during wartime. The Internet and cyber space has revolutionized the way crimes are committed and the techniques of cyber hacking and new technologies has provided medical doctors with more sophisticated means of controlling disease. Don’t you know, it was professional doctors who controlled Germany’s Jewish population during the Holocaust? Imagine the following scenario:

You are standing in front of a cash register with cash in hand about to complete a sale of goods when suddenly you are brought under the control of another through direct and targeted manipulation of electromagnetic stimulation in your body. Your conscious level of awareness is suddenly lowered and your conscious mind put in a stupor. Unaware as you try and complete the transaction, you hand the cashier a $100.00 bill and are given the wrong amount of change back. You aren’t provided a receipt. You don’t realize any of this because you are in an induced stupor. This information isn’t ascertained until you get home. Maybe never ascertained at all. But if and when you do finally realize what has happened, you are forced to retrace your steps to try and find out where your money has gone. The worst part isn’t actually the theft, it’s trying to explain, with creditable evidence and absolute certainty, what has just happened to you. What part should get addressed first? The petty theft or the Simple Assault, if it can even be considered an “assault” at all? Because the act of Power Over acts more like a “grooming” in its effects of control.

Physical violence, as well as passive violence like the theft I just described, has many varied manifestations, and non-defensive violence is never justified or desirable, nor does it solve problems. The most common scenario is the one I find myself in today. A regular schedule of bi-yearly domestic violence altercations directed as a control mechanism which is used to enforce certain behaviors in the victim(s). It most commonly goes under the term “bullying” and has manifested as “grooming technology” harnessing behavior by the installation of fear through electromagnetic field s and frequency and the controlling of behavior through artificial means.

Individuals in healthy relationships don’t endanger one another physically, although there clearly may be problems that need to be faced and dealt with. What happens when, in your personal relationships, you find a trouble maker in your midst? And one that may not be of a familial nature, that is, not a family member? The electromagnetic intrusions I speak of can be compared to clandestine cyber hi-jacking (hacking) of whole computer systems and the ransomware attacks for lucrative gain except the ransom to be paid through electronic physical assaults and psychotronic torture is the subject’s loss of liberty, constitutional rights, and/or reputation. In short, deliberate and orchestrated theft (stealing someone’s sense of self) by hacking into their body. If this is too hard for you to comprehend, think what is stolen from a rape victim or what is stolen from someone during the process of gaslighting. It cannot be described in terms of money or tangible objects. What I mean to say, is how is one to visually represent a person’s dignity and what value should be placed on that dignity?

I have to believe my mother was playing a game with me on the night of December 12th. A common Frustration Game (game theory) as seen in the Shakespearian play “Taming of the Shrew” and seen probably in many other works of literature as well. My response was directly manipulated by forces both seen and unseen and to which local municipal and superior courts may never address because of the very secretive nature of these clandestine electromagnetic assaults.

False Accusations and the State

The lack of engaged, compassionate conversation of depth by those involved in the conflict and by the authority to which the accuser would turn has terrible consequences. These include, interestingly, as social worker Catherine Hode informs us, “Perpetrators, themselves, [who] often initiate the complaint of abuse.” The legal apparatus that has been put in place ostensibly to assist a victim can and often be used to extend cruelty as well as to mislabel and obscure the truth such is the case with gang stalking with electronic physical assaults and psychotronic torture which can confuse and disorient victims of their conscious clarity. How convenient someone under the influence of alcohol should make such claims as psychotronic torture? Wouldn’t this provide, for the perpetrators to such clandestine abuses, the perfect smoke screen? The state’s protective apparatus, as a mechanism, becomes an additional tool of harassment because anyone can use the machine to mete out punishment.

On June 22, 2020, I was physically assaulted by my sister because I called her something offense. I was guilty of verbally assaulting her, an indiscretion on my part I’ll admit. This is what she did to me for that violation. I never pressed charges.

My sister had me pinned on the ground, and made this bruise with her fist. It showed up the next day and it isn’t visible in the photo below.

She also made various scratches on my body as well as ripping my shirt off and shorts, threw me out of the house in my bra and underwear.

This is an image of my left hand which was not injured in the altercation.

This is an image of my right hand which was sprained by her tightening and bending my fingers like a pair of vice grips. I needed x-rays to make sure they weren’t broken. It took several weeks for them to heal.

X-ray taken July 6, 2020 because my right hand wasn’t healing and I was in excruciating pain from my injuries. I have more photos of myself injured by physical abuse but I can’t access them through my phone.


Schulman, Sarah. Conflict Is Not Abuse: Overstating harm, community responsibility, and the duty of repair. Vancouver. Arsenal Pulp Press. (This work has been labeled “A Queer Writing” because it was written by a lesbian and addresses social issues and political topics surrounding conflict, differences in identity, as well as cultural discrimination).



Karen Barna

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