The Truth Found in Folklore and Myth That Helps Us Analyze the Unconscious Fantasies Surrounding the Phenomenon of Gang Stalking

The Taming of the Shrew (black and white dining scene)

This post takes into account the following myths, legends, and folklore to help analyze the unconscious fantasies surrounding the phenomenon of gang stalking, electronic targeted physical assaults, and psychotronic torture.

Shrew Folklore

Roots of the Creation Myth in the ancient Near East

The Rape of Metis by Zeus and the Metis’ Incorporation Myth (man, lacking a vagina of his own, sequesters women, gives birth to civilization as we know it through corporate business ventures and advancing technologies)

Aeschylus’ Oresteia Myth in Psychic Splitting of Good and Bad (ties into the good and bad pre-Oedipal breast of Shrewish folklore)

Who is my Petruchio?

Petruchio is the male protagonist in William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”. Petruchio is a fortune seeker who enters a marriage relationship with a strong-willed woman named Kate and then attempts to tame her temperamental spirit. He attempts this with emotionally abusive behavior, passive-aggressive violence, and trauma. He begins by yelling at the servants. He gives her gifts, then returns them all, insisting they’re not good enough for her. He prevents her from eating (starvation) by insisting the food isn’t good enough for her as well. He does all this in the belief that he decides when she eats and sleeps and in depriving her of her needs will be effective discipline for her submissiveness. He insists the only way to “tame” her is by giving her a dose of her own shrewy medicine. Thus, Petruchio assumes the role of the Shrew — an ill-tempered character with scolding aggression in order to transform his opponent into obedient submission — is but the folklore of the common man’s ill-witted ideas of how to control women. A woman, after all, is obviously a specific type of animal, meant to be tamed but not loved. This is, love is far beyond the common man’s intellectual grasp. Petruchio reveals to the audience his questionable values of “love and knowledge of women.”

Ironically, the term “Shrew” is never applied to ill-tempered men in literary analysis. In folklore, the term is only applied to ill-tempered women, more often used of women of a heroic virago.

It’s ironic that my gang stalking, electronic targeted physical assaults, and psychotronic torture are directed at me so that I don’t become stronger but rather a weaker version of myself, more obedient, submissive, and castrated.

In the early part of colonial New England, during the 16th century through the 18th century, it was against the law to be a “common scold.” Punishments varied by region, but were generally meant to humiliate the guilty party. One caveat stated that “a Shrew or common scold who was profitable could serve her husband well. “

A modern 1972(4) science fiction novel, The Stepford Wives, is a plot spin on Shakespear’s original play “The Taming of The Shrew”. In this version of abuse, the husbands transform their wives through the use of advancing science into perfectly submissive versions of “the perfect spouse”. There is a belief of mind control conspiracy theories by the government targeting innocent civilians in gang stalking, electronic targeted physical assaults, and psychotronic torture used as disciplinarian techniques to “discipline” the offending party and “correct behavior”, however, and it is from folklore and myth where we can come to an understanding of its psychoanalytic roots.

In the modern 21st century, we no longer have laws against “common scolds”, but the “taming” is still being done. It is being done with the tools of advancing technology. Taming to subdue the “aggressive spirit” of personalities and thereby place them into submission with the intention of getting them to perform acts of obedience. I question its use against women and against any individual for that matter. This is your modern-day harbinger. The harbinger for transforming personalities with problems in object relations by other offending parties with personalities with problems in object relations. Thus, the compounded effect of electronic targeting and gang stalking. I believe the hoped-for outcome in this form of experimental treatments of certain individuals through gang stalking, electronic targeted physical assaults and psychotronic torture going on in the midst of American society is controlling behavior. However, there are cases where the electronically targeted individuals become so aggressively violent from the electronic harassment, they kill others.

Additionally, the roots of pre-oedipal ambivalence are so prevalent in history, Jan Harold Brunvand uncovers over 400 hundred literary and oral folklore references to “shrews”. The fin de siècle culture is complete with literary and visual art images that depict “hellish women” who wouldn’t listen to their husbands.

Can We Find Any Real Truth in the Creation Myth and in “Gods”?

The roots of the creation myth can be traced back to the ruling elite in the ancient near East. There, the ruling elite had established an industry for producing slaves in human breeding grounds. The Lords who were producing slaves became the “Gods” who were creating humans. Hence, we have the creation myth often referred to in many different legends. Here we see no heavens, no realms of the dead, no spiritual beings with supernatural powers but rather the “Gods” were the Lords who resided on the west bank creating human slaves by raping the “miserable girls,” these ill-tempered shrews who were fighting back from being raped no doubt, in the Lord’s harem. This implies to be a shrew, meant therapeutic rape into subservient obedience. See Idols of Perversity by Bram Dijkstra. This almost gives the notion that these Lords owned their private brothels (female slave prostitutes) whose duty it was to copulate with the Lord. There were public harems as well in which female prostitutes’ children served the interest of the Lord. Children produced in these harems often found their destiny as future indentured servants. Art from the fin de siècle culture depicts an image of vanquished, exhausted women, housed together in a large room of a conquering Lord. These “Gods” or Lords were associated with Egyptian Pharaohs and Kings. There is a Mount Olympus, but it is not Zeus who lives there. The Gods of our modern world are the Lords who control corporate business in the interest of research and development for future industries, especially advancing technologies and in manufacturing.

One term that embodies what gang stalking, electronic targeted physical assaults, and psychotronic torture are all about is the following term:

The “moneyed class” — the networking that is a part of the chain of Dark money.

David Koch and his brother Charles, owners of the second-largest U.S. company in Kansas; an energy-based and manufacturing conglomerate, the brothers' political spending for special interest clout among the democrats have been revealed in the investigatory research of Jane Mayer’s book Dark Money. The democrats might be the entire reason for gang stalking, electronic targeted physical assaults, and psychotronic torture because of their push for expanded medical coverage among the lower classes. The Clintons are even bigger political spenders and with the push of Obama Care and the Clinton’s and other democrats work with NJ Family Care making healthcare access possible for low-income groups may have opened avenues of access for the research and development of advancing technologies using the lower classes as a test subject research base. If you don’t have medical insurance, you don’t have medical coverage, you can’t gain access to medicines and treatments, and thereby can’t be “treated.”

Basically, the book, Dark Money: The hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the radical right, supports my theory that it is corporate businesses with corporate business owner interests combined with the supportive power of political interest groups that are the reason for gang stalking, electronic targeted physical assaults, and psychotronic torture. As evolving technology advances us forward, marching us ever closer to our doom, new technologies must be experimented with on certain groups. Historically speaking, these groups have been the mentally ill, low-income poor, the incarcerated prison population, people on social hands outs, black slaves, women, and children (Perper & Cina, 2010). These are the targeted populations for the medical community and the advancements of better medicines and “treatments” for our human future. Thus, one of the reasons for targeted individuals (TIs) suffering targeted electronic physical assaults and psychotronic torture is the advancements of technology in the interest of corporate profits for a better future of America. At least, as far as advancing medical technologies and advancing communication technologies go. The world our future antecedents will enjoy will be one built off the human suffrage of the lower classes of today.

Finally, to incorporate the last two myths I’ll refer to the work of Amber Jacobs. These last two myths tie gang stalking, electronic targeted physical assault, and psychotronic torture to the hellish Holocaust that it represents. It is the myth or legend of Aeschylus’ Oresteia and the Myth of Zeus and Metis. If we conduct a literary analysis of the Oresteian myth we discover the Oresteian myth conceals within it the story of the incorporation of Metis by Zeus. Once we reread the Oresteia in relation to the myth of Metis, we discover the defensive function of the Oresteian myth and we discover that the Oresteian myth distorts and reworks the myth of Zeus’ rape and incorporation of Metis in such a complex way its function is to keep it concealed beneath its manifest content much like the gang stalking phenomenon. Its defensive function is the desire of the masculine cultural imaginary that seeks to eradicate the process and the memory of the mother’s exclusion and expulsion from the social order. This is the psychoanalytic truth I have uncovered that speaks of a larger problem within the American culture. That is to say, the psychic roots of the eradication and removal of the preoedipal mother; the ambivalent breast. The interesting connection between the rape of Metis by Zeus myth is that Zeus not only rapes Metis and impregnates her, but that he also swallows her up whole and births Athena, his offspring, through his head. Thus, man lacking a vagina of his own, births forth civilization as we know it by the exclusion and expulsion of the preoedipal mother by creating corporate business ventures and advancing technologies. The psychoanalytic roots to the stalking of females may be connected to a defensive psychic function of evacuating and eradicating this “ill-tempered shrew” from his memory.

My hope is that gang stalking, electronic targeted physical assaults, and psychotronic torture will be exposed for the heinous act it represents. The Truth of this phenomenon is rooted in the psychic splitting that can be uncovered in psychoanalysis and not just some “fabled imaginary tale” the victims have “made up.” Tales the perpetrators/controllers/operators cast onto victims through perspecticide and victim-blaming by putting labels on them that read “crazed lunatic,” “basket cases,” and “person who imagines false victimizations.”


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Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X