Themes Of “To Discipline and Punish” In The Semiotic Narrative Of The Targeted Individual: Methods of silencing

Karen Barna
4 min readSep 2, 2023


I know people are doubtful about the phenomenon known as the Targeted Individual as full transparency and disclosure of what it actually represents has not been established by researchers. However, clues to its existence direct us to the silencing of whole populations in psychiatric medicine, genocides, Inquisitions and war. In my opinion, the targeting of certain individuals with wireless electronic assaults and torture is a form of silencing. Here is a list of historical devices and techniques used to silence people:

  • The Straight Jacket
  • The Spinning Tranquilizing Chair
  • The Strong Dress (used historically in psychiatric hospitals on women)
  • Chains, locks, ropes, leather collars and leashes (used in historical psychiatric hospitals and with practitioners of BDSM)
  • The Coercion Chair (used with restraints)
  • Restraint Blanket (made of weighted material to inhibit movement like the strong dress)
  • Therapeutic Rape (most notably recommended by male doctors in the late 19th century and early 20th century to husbands interested in “taming” unruly wives)
  • Conversion Therapy (seen mostly in the 20th century as a “cure to homosexuality)
  • Chemical Castration (as seen in the case of Alan Turing)
  • A full-body wooden box like a coffin but with metal mesh for ventilation used to silence violent psychiatric patients in a form of temporary emmurement
  • Electro-convulsive shock therapy
  • Frontal lobotomy
  • Transcranial Electromagnetic Stimulation

Then, psychiatric medicine moved to the use of pharmaceuticals like Thorazine to sedate violent psychiatric patients. There are many different kinds of drugs to sedate psychiatric patients and to list them all would be too lengthy. But you get the idea.

Other forms of silencing have included:

  • Mustard Gas
  • Gas Chambers of the American penitentiary and Holocaust
  • Electric Chair
  • Arsenic (Jim Jones Colony)
  • Asphyxiation (this is the most favored and common method used to murder by both men and women killers)
  • Cutting out the tongue (mostly seen in the ancient Middle East and ancient Asian cultures)
  • Crucifixion
  • Cage for Rat Torture
  • The Iron Maiden
  • In the case of the Bolivian Mennonite colony it was a cattle anesthetic sprayed in the face of the women being raped

YOU GET MT POINT, RIGHT? A form of silencing is happening to the individuals being targeted with electronic assaults, harassment and torture. This has been most notably termed psychotronic torture, voice to skull, and experienced as wireless electronic stimulation to various parts of the body.

A key feature in this phenomenon is PROXIMITY. It is also the first cardinal rule for surveillance of a target. “KNOW YOUR TARGET.” Where do they live? Where do they like to eat? What activities do they enjoy on a regular basis? Become familiar with your targets day-to-day activities and routines and driving habits. Second rule, “KNOW THE ENVIRONMENT.” It wouldn’t be helpful if you had no knowledge of directions and which road or highway to take when surveiling a target. You need to be more proficient then your target. Become familiar with the vicinity.

Because in my opinion the historical roots of stalking behavior can be found in service security surveillance/military operations/DELTA FORCE (tracking and proximity of targets) and confinement (silencing). That is exactly what the penitentiary offers to the community in keeping its citizens safe from violent offenders. It is also what high functioning serial killers do when they select a victim for disposal. It is exactly what DELTA FORCE did to Sadam Hussain and what SEAL TEAM 6 did to Osama Bin Laden.

Not only does the phenomenon echo the theme of “to Discipline and Punish” (a nod to Foucault) and historical forms of brutal treatments received by those confined and silenced historically in psychiatric hospitals and penitentiaries but it also echoes themes of highly organized military operations using advanced service security surveillance technologies to surveil targets to surveil/target/capture victims.

It is important to realize that what is considered forms of sexual deviance and “mental illness” is highly dependent upon the historical time period of the day. We no longer criminalize homosexuality or classify it as “mental illness”. Although, at one time, we did. Conversion Therapy does not work at “curing homosexuality” and is more closely associated with human torture. Therefore, what is considered sexual deviance and considered mental illness depends upon the political and legal philosophy of a country in its current time period, as well as the cultural, social makeup of its communities. Power rest in the hands of the people to bring awareness to their government regarding injustice and unfair treatment of its citizens.



Karen Barna

I am a Targeted Individual suffering electronic harassment. I write about gender difference and object relations and feminism. I am Gen. X