This Is What Community Gang Stalking Represents


I had written about the ruling elite in the ancient Near East establishing an industry for producing salves in human breeding grounds in which the creation myth was based. The book which discusses the following ancient near east cultures as Sumerian, Akkadian, Egyptian, Judaism is entitled “Woman in the Ancient Near East.” The Egyptians would have been one of the notoriously guilty parties to human breeding grounds for slaves because of the amount of slave labor required to build the pyramids and monuments that would honor pharaoh.

Some information I discovered while reading the above-referenced book “Women in the Ancient Near East” follows here. The contribution Michel Foucault has given us with his works, especially for me in his first volume “The History of Sexuality,” will remain invaluable. The meaning behind Michel Foucault’s work which he originally titled, and some printed books can be found with this title, “The Will to Knowledge” was something I never understood until now:

“The change from childhood to adulthood brought about through puberty indicated an individual’s sexual maturity. This sexual maturity was described with words meaning “to know” and was associated with knowledge and intelligence in the ancient Jewish world. In Jewish culture, this age is believed to occur at the age of 12 as Jesus was said to have been able to speak intelligently with the leaders in the temple. Luke 2:40–52. Therefore, we note chronological intelligence (IQ) with sexual maturity. Words like “yadda” in the Jewish dialect means “knowledge”. In ancient Sumerian “zu”. In ancient Akkadian “idu” and “lamadu”. All words possessing similar meanings “to know” or “to have knowledge”. In the ancient tale of Gilgamesh, Enkidu was said to have been a ‘wild’ creature who only became civilized after he “knew” a kindly woman intimately.”

In ancient Sumerian and Akkadians, the aspects of a woman’s virginity posed legal and financial repercussions. To prove a woman’s sexual maturity, it was prescribed in some medical texts that the body hair of a young girl was required to be included as proof of her virginity. It was recognized a woman was of sexual maturity when she developed breasts and grew pubic hair, and so pubic hair was fitting proof that she was “marriageable.” Fathers of daughters who had been deflowered would be unable to gain a “bride’s price” for a non-virgin. Thereby the father of the deflowered daughter could bring charges against the deflowering agent (man or boy). The hair provided in medical inspection was always believed to belong to a virgin unless otherwise stipulated. But how would they know for sure the young girl had not been violated? Today we perform a forensic analysis of vaginal tissue and scaring sometimes of the inner and outer labials. Pubic hair to prove virginity? It turns out that in most cases it was assumed all adolescent girls were virgins. They took this information for granted unless the girl had been caught in the act of coitus with a man or young boy. So, a medical inspection that proved a young girl's sexual maturity, a pubic hair, also provided proof of the young girl’s virginity. Thus, all young girls were believed to be virtuous. This perspective must have just made life in the ancient Near East much easier. Don’t you think?

As important a characteristic like virginity was of women in the ancient Near East, the fact the ruling elite controlled and maintained “slave breeding grounds” is a horrid thought. That Egyptian slave women were probably regularly raped and beaten by their slave owners into producing more progeny for the purpose of building monuments and temples is chilling. And this association with Dark Money (and by Dark Money, I mean networked business associations and gangs)and experimental test subjects of the modern era is also chilling.

A Literary Comparison Between Two Shakesperian Couples Reveals The Nature of Gang Stalking, Electronic Targeted Physical Assaults, and Psychotronic Torture

The video included above, “Natural and Supernatural Happiness in “The Taming of the Shrew” published by Georgetown University, is an excellent literary comparison between two Shakespearian couples in the play.

The video references in the above analysis of “The Taming of the Shrew” describe Petruchio’s actions in taking on the character of the Shrew as initiating a type of “baptism” or “a form of cleansing” for Kate.

In terms of sadistic and abnormal psychology, we can make a direct comparison to the “baptism of electronic targeted physical assaults and psychotronic torture” in gang stalking and it providing for the perpetrator a “transcendental cleansing experience” for the victim often spoken of as happening in the newlywed’s bed chambers. This is where sadism enters the picture and the study of the Marquis de Sade’s writings, as analyzed by Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel, can uncover the perverse clues. In fact, the entire above-referenced literary comparison between the two couples referenced (Lucentio and Bianca and Petruchio and Kate) is done with the knowledge that the two couples’ willful intentions of marrying one another. In gang stalking, electronic targeted physical assault, and psychotronic torture the “marriage contract” or “partnership” or “association” has dissolved with the male stalker’s maintaining his perverse, willful, intention to some type of “marriage” or “contract” or “partnership” as still being obviously played out. In other words, a former love interest or someone familiar to the victim has suffered a narcissistic injury (ego wound) either by the victim or as a result of the victim’s actions. In the anal-sadistic universe, this perversion sometimes marries the two in perpetuity in their final resting graves. That is to say, murder.

It is also interesting that supernatural happiness and happiness, just in general, belong to maintaining “virtuous activities” and not in “slothfulness” or “prostituting one’s self” thereby compromising one’s purity of self. Gardening is an excellent “virtuous activity” that is beneficial for many both aesthetically and financially if the garden produces food. Not just because it can provide beauty and sustenance but because it is not easily manufactured in mass production. It doesn’t have to be perfect in proportion or aesthetics either as nature doesn’t always get it right, and here I mean “ugly fruit.” However, this belief in “not prostituting one’s self” can be translated as not “contaminating one’s self.” The belief that one is “totally pure” belongs to the personalities that possess high degrees of narcissism. The belief in “self-purity” and “personal cleanliness” was held to a high degree and standard within the German Nazi party of the Third Reich over and beyond the navigation of individual differences is what caused the ethnic cleansing of the German Holocaust. The ethnic cleansing that ensued was an indexical sign to the belief of the importance of “self-purity.” Excessive self-purity, as an indexical sign, also points to the blatant existence of problems in object relations and a personality disorder. That is what community stalking represents.

“Women in the Ancient Near East” by Marten Stol described “virginity” as a valuable commodity and treasured aspect of human existence found in the ancient cultures of the Sumerians and Akkadians (Mesopotamia). “Whores” or women deflowered of their virginity were obviously “less valuable” and would not have been deemed “nubile.” There was an importance placed on the exclusiveness between a man and his wife. An exclusiveness the male did not have to always honor with his wife in the ancient world. Often, men took on the wives of deceased brothers. In modern America, the ancient cultural practice does not exist except in extraordinary groups like Muslims who may have immigrated here, people of the Mormon religion, and others whose cultural practices are similar to the ancient Near Eastern practices.

“The figure moving toward him, an imaginary ghost, condensing and inverting in his psyche, wielding his own aggression towards it, legitimizing and elaborating an argument of “self-defense” against an apparition he has invented in his own mind. This is the psychic defensive function that becomes concealed within a narrative that seeks to thereby legitimize its own authority by advancing personal agendas rooted in unconscious defensive psychic functions as they manifest ghostly apparitions of imaginary phantasms (ghosts) that seize upon his fears.

This ghostly apparition could be the image of a black man, a prostitute, a gay man, a transgender female, a Jehovah Witness, an alcoholic, a homeless man, the mentally ill, or some other marginalized group that suffers oppression or some form of ostracizing. ~Paraphrased from “The Force of Nonviolence” by Judith Butler, pg. 118.

The phrase directed at me, “You were nothing but HIS whore” and “You were nothing but a prostitute” as a demeaning phrase holds the evidence of the perpetrators psychic splitting between the “valuable” and the “non-nubile”, and here I’d like to point out that the woman was way more “non-nubile” (e.g.-ugly) than I ever was” or “the good breast” against the backdrop of the “bad breast.” “Prostitutes” who may“deny” a man the right to access her body may be perceived as belonging to the “bad breast.” And likewise, the nubile breast that exposes herself to the gaze of an already attached, yet available male, is often meet with the same psychic splitting.

‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ is an idiom that is adapted from a line in William Congreve’s play, The Mourning Bride (1697). The line from which it came is ‘Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.’Jealousy and envy make men doing horrible things.

Information Regarding My Personal Case of Gang Stalking, Electronic Targeted Physical Assaults, and Psychotronic Torture

Yesterday I saw one of my stalkers' faces. He stood on the opposite corner of Larry’s Liquor Store as I pulled up to park. He went out of his way to wave to me with his right hand as he held a device in his left hand. He then proceeded to motion with his right hand like he was turning up the volume, at which point I felt the electromagnetic frequency field intensify in my head. It quickly was turned down and the man walked across the street. I didn’t do anything, although I believe that is what this harassment is aimed at doing. It wants to provoke the victim into performing an ill-mannered action. He was an older white male with grey hair. He was between 5ft 8" and 5ft 10". He wore a white short-sleeve shirt with a faded yellow stripe in it and light-colored (whitish) pants with work boots. I have more than one of these stalkers and I believe they are a group of older men who work independent contracts in the neighborhood in home repair. But make no doubt this man is somehow connected with my former next-door neighbors who lived at 1225 Indiana avenue who are also connected to a young, heavy-set woman with dark wavy hair, who would drop off a young girl around the age of 7 to the residence. It was this woman who would stand on the steps of my former neighbor’s domicile at 1225 Indiana avenue and shout to me the statement “You were nothing but HIS whore.” This woman I have also witness pull up in front of my house, on my street with a young man who looked like the same man parked on Indiana avenue one day and who was with a thin, dark-haired woman in an orange/red colored van with Pennsylvania plates. He also bears a resemblance to the older man I saw at Larry’s liquor store yesterday. I believe there are two families familiar with one another who possess intimate knowledge about my electronic harassment, targeting, psychotronic torture, and gang stalking.

I would also like to comment on Andrew Moran’s of the University of Dallas rather cavalier and perverted attitude about spousal abuse and the coercive control actions taken on by Petruchio over his wife Kate as a “necessary evil in pursuit of marital happiness.” This belief is psychologically warped.


Marten Stol. (2016). Women in the Ancient Near East. Translated by Helen and Mervyn Richardson. Berlin Germany. Walter de Gruyter Inc.

Judith Butler. (2020). The Force of Nonviolence: An ethico-political bind. New York. Verso Publishing. (pg. 118). In this version of the psychic defensive function of splitting please consider “when Walter Scott, in South Carolina in 2015, turned his [black] back to the police, unarmed, clearly frightened, and ran in the opposite direction from them — how did he become phantasmagorically turned around, made into a threatening figure to be killed? … Or consider Trayvon Martin, killed by George Zimmerman who was subsequently acquitted but Marissa Alexander, in the same district, who was sentenced to twenty years for attempting to defend herself against sexual assault.” (pg. 117)




Victim of gang stalking & electronic torture. I write about feminism and gender difference. Email:

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Karen Barna

Karen Barna

Victim of gang stalking & electronic torture. I write about feminism and gender difference. Email:

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