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What Is Commercial Terrorism and Why Does It Happen?

My name is Karen and I’m a victim of abuse. When my abusers want to “teach" me a lesson, one of the ways they do it is by contaminating my food products. What food products, you might wonder, are being targeted? Anything and everything is fair game for any one who is dealing with a bully or an abuser. But for me, historically, food that has come under contamination has been tofu (bean curd) stored in water, liquid milk containers, boxes of dry milk, vinegar bottles, and sesame seeds. The contaminate used by my “teacher(s)” have been things of unharmful nature aimed at ruining the taste which have included anything from banana peel fibers to human urine.

The latest two products targeted in my pantry; Rice Wine Vinegar and Sushi Chef Sesame Seeds. (See https://proclivitysprinciplewisdom.medium.com/spicy-no-tuna-roll-vegetarian-vegan-bf33379b92b)

Product tampering is defined as the unauthorized altering of consumer products without the knowledge of the owners or knowledge to the end users. It is treated as a threat to human safety and a threat to the general public health of communities because it typically changes the contents of the ingested products and it is typically done for the purpose of harming the owners or end users.

Remember the Tylenol tamperings with cyanide in 1982? The culprits were never found. Well, the history of product tamperings didn’t begin there. It began in the 1890s with the tampering of Bromo Seltzer with cyanide and has continued to be a social problem for reasons of public safety for decades. Motives for tampering have included revenge, financial gain, and publicity for various reasons.

Unfortunately, the problem I’m encountering isn’t classified as “a public health problem" because “it doesn’t endanger public safety”. Rather it is classified as a “domestic incident" or “domestic violence” similar to the case that follows.

In 2013, Shayne Carpenter, 27, was arrested and charged with domestic violence and poisoning for putting eye drops in his girlfriend’s drink during a fight. Apparently, if consumed in large enough quantities, Visine contains a substance that can make people ill. His apparent motive was obvious; revenge. He wanted to get back at his girlfriend.

In 2018, in Australia needles were found in various fruits like mangoes, apples, bananas, and strawberries in all six Australian states. As a result, many strawberry brands recalled their products, lost sales, with thousands of workers effected due the financial losses. Some farmers had to dump their entire harvests at the peak of season. Although various individuals were caught in the act of inserting needles into food, this case if mass hysteria is poorly understood. What causes everyday people to suddenly start putting needles into fruit?

For this reason, product tampering has been also termed “commercial terrorism". However the private financial losses to individuals who live with mentally ill family members is not termed “commercial terrorism” but is none the less a form of terrorism as well as a form of warfare. Even biological warfare.

Commercial terrorism isn’t new. But one of the main reasons for it, is something known as copycat attacks. Copycat attacks are one of the most common threads connecting these cases together and it also seems to be the case for Group (Gang) Stalking with electronic torture.

In California, if the victim and abuser are in an intimate relationship, or have previously been in one, the crime is considered domestic violence. The same goes if the two are closely related by blood or marriage.

In cases of domestic violence, it is not uncommon for authorities to bring additional charges of assault and battery. While battery requires physical touching, assault does not require physical touching. It just requires an attempt to inflict harm and the threat of imminent harm. So in some cases, just uttering a threat to physically harm someone can constitute the crime of assault. So does poisoning someone’s drink with eye drops in hopes that the person “craps” which was the intent of the 2013 Shayne Carpenter case.



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